Around the house: January

We have had what feels like two weeks of straight clouds and rain, which gets a little depressing after a while. The fireplace has been going constantly, even though it has only been in the 40s.  I need the coziness.


I tried to liven things up a bit inside with some house plants.  We finished this house in late October and it still looks very bare.  I hate “decor” items such as giant letters on walls, faux farmhouse horribleness found at Target, and other meaningless things purchased to fill space, but I made peace with the plants.  After the Christmas decorations come down, and before there are flowers outside, you need something.


Still pretty plain.  I want to find a sideboard or china cabinet to hold my girls’ puzzles and lego sets.  This is their preferred spot for those activities.


A plant for the kitchen island.  Look at the weather outside, yuck.  I actually bought two more palm trees but apparently neglected to take pictures of them, even though I was taking pictures for that specific reason.


It helps to have a resident artist who can paint beautiful winter snowman scenes.

I pruned some peach tree branches to force into bloom inside.  Just cut, put in water, and keep them indoors.  I cut some every week or two, starting late January, so I have a steady supply of blooms.  They have a long way to go.  Their bareness does not bother me though.DSC00812.jpg



We have been inside a lot, doing art.


Baking together..DSC00717.jpg

Making some cozy-smelling vanilla soap…


And thinking of spring.

Around the house: January


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