Waiting and Eating

We have at least five weeks to go before baby’s arrival, but it feels good to start getting ready.  The nursery is painted a slightly more… vibrant… yellow than I expected.  It is still soft, though, and I will tone down the overall room by adding blues, greens, and whites.  The color is “Lilting Lily” by Sherwin William’s HGTV Home Collection at Lowe’s.  I had wanted a very, very pale yellow, but it is growing on me.


Some sweet Bambi swaddling blankets my mom bought me.  They are supposedly for baby girls, but look unisex enough to me.  I guess there is quite a bit of pink, and flowers.  We are both expecting that this baby will be a girl, and I’m sure even a baby boy won’t mind.


To keep busy, we have been baking, as usual.  A very yummy banana cake, Barefoot Contessa’s recipe called Old Fashioned Banana Cake.  It was sweet enough without the icing, but the icing was good too.  We ate it for breakfast and then discovered in the book it is listed as a dessert.  DSC01015.jpg

Our seedlings are coming up quite nicely.  We had to invest in a new grow light, the Ferry Morse brand carried at Lowe’s.  The plants are doing much better.  I think they also like their new spot on top of the dryer.  Tomatoes will be ready for a slightly bigger home on Friday, and then some cosmos, dill, and cilantro will take their spots.  A little late on the herbs, oh well.  I am starting to wonder how I plan on getting everything into the ground in a few weeks seeing as how I am so big I can barely pick up a pen that has fallen on the floor.




Thinking of starting bees, but reading this book makes it seem very unappealing.  All about pests, diseases, extracting honey with weird tools.  Seems like a lot of work for something I don’t really consume a lot of.  We love white sugar around here.

I wanted to end with a recipe for my favorite pregnancy lunch.  I eat it all the time now.  I guess it is somewhat healthy?  It is certainly easy, and cheap, and delicious.  This makes enough filling for probably three good sized lunches, so keep the seasoned rice and beans for leftovers.  This is not something anyone else in my family will eat (whatever), so I get a few meals out of it.

Tex-Mex Grilled Burritos




-2 cups cooked white rice

-2 tablespoons cilantro

-juice of a lime

-teaspoon each of garlic salt, cumin, and chili powder

-can of black beans, rinsed and drained

-shredded Mexican cheese

-sour cream

-burrito sized tortilla

  1. Mix all but last three ingredients in a large bowl.  If the rice is cold, reheat everything in the microwave for a minute of so.
  2. Cover your tortilla with cheese, then add a few dollops of sour cream.  Put the rice mixture in the center, and fold up into a burrito.  Spray the seam with a little cooking spray to help seal it.
  3. Grill on the stovetop until crispy.  Start seam side down to avoid a mess.

Waiting and Eating


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