Making Laundry Day Work in Your House


The concept of a designated “laundry day” is one I resisted for a while.  I generally did two loads a day, preferring to keep up with the laundry rather than letting it become a big chore.

There were two minor problems with this approach:

  1. The noise drives everyone crazy, as our machines are just off the kitchen and are super loud, so doing laundry on weekends was not ideal
  2. Sometimes I would find that I had a build up of laundry that needed to be tackled right away, and this always seemed to happen when I was busy with grocery shopping or getting ready for guests.




So I started a laundry day and never looked back.  It solved these problems and freed up more time for other things during the week.  Here are some tips that have helped me.

1.  Choose the right day of the week for you

Monday is our laundry day.  I chose it because we have normally been out over the weekend, and staying home all day on Monday works for us.  Don’t choose a day where you will be out a lot.

2.  Lump in all your laundry-related chores

Ironing, mending, and cleaning the laundry room itself are also done on this day.  Thankfully I do very little ironing as I am terrible at it and my husband takes his shirts to be pressed at the cleaners.  Our laundry room is also our mudroom so it needs the scheduled weekly cleaning.  Clutter gets tossed, the machines are wiped down, the shelf of laundry products is organized, the boots and shoes and jackets are corralled.

3. Think about the order your loads need to go in

For us, we do sheets and towels first so they can be hung outside.  Then I do our (me and Matt’s) darks since they are the biggest pain in terms of folding and putting away.  After that comes baby laundry, kids clothes, our whites.

4.  Accept that there will be other laundry throughout the week

I still do a load a day Tuesday through Friday.  I normally do six on laundry day (master sheets, all white towels, kids sheets and guest sheets if needed, our darks, our whites, kids clothes).  This takes me though early afternoon and by then it is time to think about dinner and be done with laundry.  So kitchen towels are normally done on Tuesday, baby clothes and linens together on Wednesday, and by Thursday and Friday our darks and the kids clothes will be full again.  I also have a baby in cloth diapers so I do those every other day or so.

5. Simplify where you can

Less clothing =  less to wash.  Hang up church clothes to be worn again.  Kids clothes can be worn a few times unless they are actually dirty.  I strip the beds and then put the sheets right back on after they are washed.  No folding or storing of sheets necessary.  I hated washing our bathmat since it throws the machine off balance, so I threw it out.

We store our laundry baskets in bedroom closets.  Matt and I have two, one for lights, one for darks.  We get dressed and undressed in there so tossing it in is easy and it is sorted automatically.  The kids toss their clothes in before their bath.

My only laundry products are powdered Tide, Gain dryer sheets, Oxiclean, Resolve spray, and bleach.  I used to have a real collection but it just looked messy and I only used half of it.  Throw out what you don’t use.  Babies don’t need special detergent, just an extra rinse. And stop washing in cold water!  It is gross and forces you to use liquid detergent.

6.  Try a little gratitude

Try praying for the person whose laundry you are folding.  Or listening to the radio if that is not your thing.  All those dirty and grass stained clothes come children who are healthy and eating berries and playing outside.  Thank God for them, and for the job that your husband wears all those annoying pleated pants to.  There are people in the world who are not so lucky to have either thing in their life.  Pray for them, too.





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