Executing the Color Scheme

I would say half of my posts here are me railing against consumerism, and the other half are me talking about things I want.  This will be the latter.

So last month, I found a color scheme for my house to de-beige it.  Brown was accepted as my primary color throughout the house.  (To include beige, light beige, and all my other favorites.)  Everything that got added had to fit the plan.  The determined colors were:

  1. Navy
  2. Colonial blue (not sure exactly what this is, but in my mind it is a grayed down aqua.)
  3. Red (warm, like brick or rust, and deep)

So as things came up that we wanted or needed, I decided that they would be one of these colors.  We needed blackout curtains for our room, because the moon keeps us awake on clear, full moon nights:



We (I) wanted a gallery wall on the stairs because I did:


I guess there is one painting with navy blue in it!

And we needed a china cabinet so I could move some things out of kitchen cabinets now that all our food is stored in the kitchen.


(It was $400 on Craigslist, is solid cherry, and is SUPER BEAUTIFUL in person. But very brown!)

Well.  A bit of a failure so far, but I do like them, and the curtains were really just practical, not decorative.  And not sure if you are aware of this, but buying pretty curtains that are also blackout curtains would be like $100 per panel, especially when your windows are huge.

At least I have finished up some new pillow covers:


(Why is this couch so weird looking in photos.)

Found some flowers,


And a little green and blue outside.


DSC02581 (1).jpg

Does your home have a color scheme?  Are you good about sticking to it?


One thought on “Executing the Color Scheme

  1. TheFashionedWoman

    I can totally relate to this! My color scheme is close to nearly the same as yours. Red: crimson, Blue: navy and royal, Green: Forest, and the main theme of the home is Black and white with a lot of brown furniture. I have come to the point where I am trying to relax and just buy what I love which almost always falls into these categories. There are other family heirlooms and trinkets that fall out of this neat category but I just accept them as perks of the home that I love. I am really enjoying pops of bright yellow for spring. Otherwise, I have coined the term that our home décor is old English meets modern America with a pinch of Spanish/Italian sprinkled with whatever my heart desires. Haha. I think I will just focus on whatever makes my heart sing. After Easter, I bought this gorgeous rabbit that is brown and soft crème that is biting into a carrot. He stands about 2 feet tall, my heart could not resist him and my budget could afford him so “Georgie” came home with me. It is little impulses like this that make my color scheme a bit off but I only buy what I never want to part with, which is to say I hardly ever buy décor but when I do it is unlikely it will end up at Goodwill . Unless of course if I passed on. Sometimes, practicality triumphs luxury but the principal of the matter must make sense to your values and budget. I know curtains can get crazy pricey! I want to attempt to sew my own. I am working on beginner projects like cloth napkins though. Beautiful china hutch! I think your couch looks comfy and trying to take pictures is one of the areas that I struggle with. I love how your home has all of those large windows! Your home has such great natural light.Great post!

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