At Home, July 2018


Ah the garden. So far we’ve had 30 ears of American Dream corn, ready on July 6th. It is done and we are waiting for silver queen, which should be ready when we get back from vacation. It was used up in corn chowder, corn salad, and plenty of salted and buttered corn on and off the cob. This variety germinated well, was ready in 67 days, and after harvesting the big ears, each stalk sent out one or two smaller ears that were short but still filled out. I was so happy with this variety.


If you have ever tried to grow corn, you know what it feels like to pull back the husk and see this!  Pure joy.


Tomatoes are going nuts, and cherry tomatoes have been demoted to chicken feed. We pick and toss them to them daily. There are maybe 50 a day coming in and that is just not okay. I need maybe 20 a week.  Next year, two plants, max.

I tried a new variety of jalapeño: Primo Jalapeño from Gurney’s, and I am very happy with it. They are the biggest ones I’ve ever gotten. I’ve made poppers twice and canned pickled jalapeño rings.  I am also pleased with Gurney’s Giant Belll, after many disappointing years of growing California Wonder.  Cherry peppers are doing very well too.


(Caperino Cherry Peppers from Johnny’s)


(Primo Jalapeño from Gurney’s)


(Cosmos Bush Bean from Johnny’s.)

Flowers for every room, every hallway, every bathroom counter. Not a problem.

My dahlias have been a literal flop.  I put them in with the rest of the garden where the soil is rich and gets irrigated, and they are doing awful.  Huge, green, bending over, very few flowers.  Last year I planted them in unamended clay and I was bringing in buckets every evening.  Now I know.  More room in the actual garden for something else next year.




Oh dear I really need to iron that.

Dining room is painted and my tablecloth arrived. My next project will be painting the porch and getting porch furniture, probably four Adirondack chairs. I will not be personally painting the porch. No I will not. I think this will be put off until October, when it is cool and soccer is over.




We’ve been on a serious ice cream making kick, having made it now four weeks in a row.  I’ll share the recipes once we try it with a few more flavor variations.  So far we’ve done chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, and vanilla.  I want to try something with a caramel swirl, and blackberry or peach.


We leave soon to visit Matt’s parents in California. They live on a beautiful ranch with a huge garden, horses to ride, and no humidity. Sounds like heaven.  And his mother is a genius who does not plant any cherry tomatoes.



Back to school and activities soon. ☹️


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  1. My own Dahlia’s were doing great until a giant storm rolled through and made them start growing sideways! Since then they’ve never really recovered- and I seem to have a big problem with water getting into the buds and rotting them before they even bloom ;-;

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