Beautiful and Free Botanical Strawberry Wall Art Printables

These beautiful vintage strawberry wall art prints are perfect for adding a touch of nature’s beauty to your home. They are especially cheerful in late spring!

Below, you’ll find various ways to use these printables and some simple tips to make sure they look their best when printed. There’s a button to download each PDF below the image of what it will look like. If you need pretty botanical wall art for a guest room or hallway, these are perfect.

mockup of 4 vintage strawberry art prints in frames

Single Berry

This printable captures the luscious reds ripe strawberries and leafy green stems, offering a pretty and colorful image.

Early Bloom

Featuring strawberries in their early stages of growth, this image highlights the subtle beauty of young, speckled fruit amid lush foliage.

Harvest Richness

With strawberries at various stages of ripeness, this printable exudes the richness of the harvest season. Its deep greens and vibrant reds create a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space.

Berry Lifecycle

This art piece beautifully illustrates the lifecycle of strawberries from budding flowers to ripe fruit, set against a backdrop of detailed green leaves.

Ideas to Use Printable Wall Art

  • Frame and Hang: Put the printables in frames and hang them on the walls to decorate the kitchen or living room.
  • Gifts: Print and frame these artworks to give as thoughtful gifts to friends and family who love gardening or cooking.
  • Recipe Books: Use the printables as covers or dividers in homemade recipe binders or books.
  • Greeting Cards: Print smaller versions to use as front designs for greeting cards.
  • Educational Material: Teachers can use them in classrooms to teach students about the growth stages of strawberries and other plants.
  • Scrapbooking: Incorporate them into a scrapbook project as beautiful, thematic embellishments.
  • Table Decor: Place them in the center of the dining table inside a clear plate or as a placemat for a botanical-themed dinner party.

Printing Tips

  • Use Good Quality Paper: Print your art on high-quality paper like cardstock or photo paper to make the colors pop and ensure durability.
  • Check Printer Settings: Before printing, check your printer settings. Select the “best” print quality and make sure the size is set correctly for your paper.
  • Test Print: Do a test print on regular paper first to make sure everything looks good before using your best paper.
  • Use Fresh Ink: Make sure your printer has enough ink so the colors come out bright and clear.
  • Protect Your Prints: Once printed, you might want to protect your art with a clear acrylic spray or by placing it under glass in a frame to keep the colors vibrant.

I hope you enjoy these botanical strawberry printables and find creative ways to use them around your home. And remember to use good-quality paper and check your printer settings for the best results. Happy decorating!

Beautiful and Free Botanical Strawberry Wall Art Printables

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