19 Insanely Good Cast Iron Campfire Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Imagine sitting by the fire, under the stars, with a meal that’s not just filling but absolutely delicious. Whether you’re off in the wilderness or having a fun evening in your backyard (my preference!), you’ll love these cast iron campfire recipes.

A cast iron skillet filled with grilled bratwursts alongside yellow and orange bell peppers and onions, with toasted buns arranged on top.

Campfire Brats With Peppers And Onions

Whip up these simple campfire brats, complete with peppers and onions, right in your cast iron skillet. Season them well, cook them to perfection, and serve them hot with toasted buns. You’ll have a delicious meal ready in just 20 minutes!

A cast iron skillet on a campfire cooking grate containing a vibrant frittata with broccoli, green onions, and a golden egg mixture.

Campfire Frittata In A Cast Iron Skillet

Frittatas usually begin on the stovetop and finish in the oven to evenly cook the eggs. When you’re out camping, you can still enjoy a perfectly cooked frittata by using a few clever campfire cooking techniques.

A freshly cooked pizza in a cast iron skillet, featuring a well-browned crust topped with marinara, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and slices of bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Campfire Pizza With Veggies

This delightful Campfire Pizza with Veggies is prepared in a cast iron skillet over an open flame, making it a simple and tasty vegetarian option perfect for camping trips, cookouts, and bonfire nights.

A hearty breakfast skillet with diced kielbasa, bell peppers, and an egg, cooked in a cast iron skillet.

Camping Breakfast Skillet Recipe

This camping breakfast skillet is not only easy to whip up but also deliciously low-carb. It’s an excellent addition to your summer meal planning!

A cast iron skillet filled with a s'mores dip topped with golden-browned marshmallows, served with graham crackers for dipping.

Smores Dip

This S’mores Dip combines gooey marshmallows with creamy milk chocolate, capturing the essence of everyone’s favorite campfire treat. It’s an easy recipe that’s perfect for camping, movie nights, or after-school snacks.

A cast iron skillet containing freshly baked cornbread topped with a dollop of butter, placed on a wooden surface.

Campfire Whiskey Peach Cobbler

This classic dessert elevates the traditional peach cobbler by adding a whiskey twist, creating a scrumptious treat to enjoy around the campfire.

A creamy beer cheese dip in a cast iron skillet garnished with chopped tomatoes, green onions, and shredded cheese, served with tortilla chips.

Skillet Beer Cheese Dip

Whip up this simple beer cheese dip in a cast iron skillet, blending cream cheese, Cheddar, and smoked Gouda for a subtle smoky kick. Easily prepare it over a campfire, on a camp stove, or even on your home stovetop. It’s ideal for social gatherings and can be easily adjusted to serve a larger crowd.

A beautifully arranged ratatouille in a cast iron skillet, showcasing thinly sliced colorful vegetables like zucchini, yellow squash, tomato, and eggplant, garnished with fresh herbs.

Campfire Skillet Ratatouille

Ratatouille is an excellent dish to prepare at a campsite, as it pairs well with a variety of sides. Enjoy it over pasta, rice, or polenta. It complements grilled chicken or steak beautifully and goes perfectly with campfire garlic bread. The possibilities are plentiful!

Sugar-coated apple pie spice donuts piled on a wooden table, with apples and a cup of cider in the background.

Apple Pie Spice Campfire Donuts

Savor these Apple Pie Spice Campfire Donuts with a warm cup of cider by the campfire or bonfire this fall. You can cook them on a stovetop, over a campfire, or even on a grill—just make sure your oil is hot enough. They’re a delightful treat for any outdoor gathering!

A loaded nachos dish in a cast iron skillet, topped with ground beef, jalapeños, tomatoes, corn, black olives, crumbled cheese, and a dollop of sour cream.

Campfire Nachos 

Prepare the hamburger meat in advance and bring it along, or cook it right at your campsite if you’re pressed for time. Alternatively, repurpose any leftover meat from other meals. Shredded chicken or pulled pork both make fantastic additions to these versatile campfire nachos.

A close-up of a cheesy macaroni and cheese dish with slices of kielbasa and green peas, served in a cast iron skillet.

Camping Mac And Cheese With Kielbasa

This Camping Mac and Cheese with Kielbasa is sure to delight everyone. With our special ingredients, it’s surprisingly easy to whip up even in the great outdoors!

A cast iron skillet filled with freshly baked cinnamon rolls covered in a caramelized sugar glaze, cooked over a campfire.

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

The best thing about these Campfire Cinnamon Rolls is that you handle nearly all the prep at home. Just prepare the dough and filling, roll it up, and freeze it. It transports perfectly to your campsite and gradually thaws until you’re ready to bake it the next morning!

A hand holding a split jalapeño popper egg roll, showing a creamy and meaty filling, with more cooked egg rolls in the background.

 Jalapeño Popper Egg Rolls

Homemade egg rolls are a family favorite and make for some great game-day grub. After one bite, these hot and crispy jalapeno popper egg rolls will soon be your new favorite appetizers!

A cast iron skillet filled with nachos topped with ground beef, melted cheese, and chunks of vegetables.

Camping Skillet BBQ

This versatile recipe can be cooked on a grill or even on your home stove, though we prefer it over a campfire. We recommend using a thick skillet for best results. For our demonstration, we used a beloved 12-inch cast-iron skillet placed on a cooking grate over the campfire.

A plate piled high with graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, melted chocolate, and chocolate chips, creating a messy and delicious s'mores dip.

S’mores Nachos

If you’re a fan of s’mores but could do without the smoky haze that comes with roasting marshmallows, s’mores nachos might just be the perfect solution to your camping dessert dilemmas.

A cast iron skillet with a large quesadilla cut into quarters, topped with a colorful fresh salsa.

Skillet Quesadillas

This top-notch skillet quesadilla recipe is perfect for camping. With just a little prep, you can easily include this delicious meal in your next outdoor adventure.

Thick steaks sizzling in a cast iron skillet over an open campfire, garnished with sprigs of rosemary.

Savory Campfire Steak

Creating a satisfying meal while camping doesn’t have to be tricky. Often, the simplest dishes are the most delicious. Take, for example, a perfectly seared steak. Just choose a good cut, add a sprinkle of seasoning, and give it some tender loving care for a meal that will impress everyone on your trip.

A cast iron skillet held with red oven gloves, containing freshly baked cornbread.

Campfire Cornbread

For this cornbread, use a 12-inch cast iron skillet or a Dutch oven with a lid to achieve the perfect bake.

A heavily burned cake in a cast iron skillet, sitting on a rustic wooden background.

Campfire Brownies

Step aside, marshmallows—unless you’re joining in for a marshmallow brownie twist, campfire style. Next time, I’m thinking of tossing a few mini marshmallows into the brownie batter. They should melt perfectly on top when baked over the campfire.

Whether it’s the sizzle of brats with peppers, the cozy warmth of a frittata in the morning, or the gooey delight of s’mores dip, each recipe is not just a meal, but an experience. Remember, the magic of campfire cooking isn’t just in the delicious food but in the memories you make while preparing it.

So grab your cast iron skillet, gather your friends or family around the fire, and get ready to enjoy some truly hearty meals that go beyond the typical outdoor fare. Happy camping and even happier cooking!

19 Insanely Good Cast Iron Campfire Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Adventure
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