Finding a Color Scheme for the Home

You know how when you are planning a wedding, the first thing you have to do is pick your colors?  Once that is done, everything becomes easy.  It also helps to have a style like “rustic”, “elegant”, whatever.  I think decorating your house might be a little like that too.  Without a style and a color scheme, you are just randomly picking things you like and hoping they work together.

Well after looking at pictures of my house, I finally realized that my color scheme of beige, brown, white, off-white, and grayish beige was not really working.  I was complaining about it being cloudy out and how depressing it was when my mom gently suggested that maybe if I had some color in my house it would cheer me up.


I had tried to “warm up” the house by buying various things.  Baskets (brown), new cloth napkins (white with beige stripes!), some creamware pitchers from a thrift shop (off white), a canvas bag for kindling (tan), and more baskets (brown brown brown).  Well.  She was right.


(Seriously.  Why?)

I didn’t know what to do.  I obviously could not pick out colorful things myself.

But I stumbled upon this delightful blog that said to pick four colors.  A primary, a secondary, a primary accent, and a secondary accent.  And luckily for me, the example given used a rug with the same colors as the rugs in my house.  I might not be able to think of a color scheme, but I could certainly copy one!


My colors are:

Gold/ brown (Obviously.)

Navy blue

Red/ burgundy

Colonial blue (I guess that’s what this lighter shade of blue is)


I think green plants are allowed in all color schemes and don’t count as one of the four.

DSC02491 (1).jpg

Red bowl returns.


Maybe I could make some navy and white ticking stripe curtains?


Found this fabric in my craft closet and THINK it is the right shade of blue.  Going to make springy throw pillow covers.


A blue and white pitcher.  Baby steps!

P.S. My wedding colors were peach and champagne.  (Beige and warm beige.)

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8 thoughts on “Finding a Color Scheme for the Home”

  1. Another great way I’ve found to cheer up any space is simply adding a few well placed vases with fresh flowers (or fake ones if, like me, you can’t seem to keep your cats away from plants)!

  2. That kitchen! I wanted a sink like that when we had to redo our countertops this summer but it was going to be insanely complicated and expensive and—seeing yours makes me wish I had been a little less practical.

    Also: my wedding colors were a sort of periwinkle blue and a moss green. Mostly because that was the fabric available for the bridesmaid dresses. And my house colors? Maybe avocado with bits of red and robins egg blue. (I lean toward a cacophony of color, if that isn’t clear.)

    • I do still love the sink, but it was both expensive and complicated. We splurged on the original “Shaw” brand because that’s our last name… but I am always nervous people will know how much it cost, which would be so embarrassing.

      I think when you love colors they always look right in your house! It’s harder when you are forcing it!

    • Thank you! I was looking up paint colors and had decided on a burgundy for the dining room, and then just decided an our ago to do the bottom half white and keep the top beige. I just can’t do a real color! Maybe a tablecloth.


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