Beautiful Free Floral Printable Tags {4 Different Styles}


These are perfect for adding an extra touch to any present. A homemade gift, even if it’s a simple bouquet of wildflowers, is so much more special with a pretty tag.

All you need to do is download, print, and cut. Scroll down to see each floral printable tag design and get the PDF ❤️. These free and pretty printables are an affordable way to add something extra.

5 pretty tags on counter.

Let’s take a look at each design and you can pick your favorite.

Classic Floral Bouquet Tags

You’ll love the timeless grace of our Classic Floral Elegance Tags. These tags feature a selection of delicate blooms, in pitchers or bouquets.

script font reading "thank you" with bouquets of flowers.

Vintage Blossom Collection Tags

Step into a pastel world with Vintage Blossom Collection Tags. These tags have soft-hued flowers that evoke a sense of nostalgic charm.

sheet showing 12 printable floral tags.

Happy yellow floral tags

Inspired by the happiest color in the rainbow. These tags have playful, spirited floral illustrations. They add a cheerful touch to everything.

yellow flowers on sheet on tags.

Tips for printing and using your tags

For some things, you just have to print and go and these will be overkill. But sometimes, you want to do things just right 😉.

floral tags cut out and laid on marble counter.
  • Choose the Right Paper: For best results, print your tags on high-quality card stock that can handle the ink without bleeding.
  • Check Your Printer Settings: Make sure your printer is set to print at the highest quality for vivid colors and clear images. Select ‘Photo Quality’ if available.
  • Test Print First: Always do a test print on regular paper to ensure the colors and layout are to your liking before printing on your chosen specialty paper.
  • Use the Right Color Mode: If available, print in CMYK color mode for more accurate print colors, as this is what most printers use.
  • Cutting Precision: For a neat finish, use a paper cutter instead of scissors to ensure straight edges.
  • Protect Your Tags: If you’re coloring the tags, use smudge-proof pens or wait for any ink to dry completely to avoid smearing.
  • Lamination for Durability: Consider laminating your tags if they will be used in conditions where they might get wet or handled frequently.
  • Hole Reinforcement: If you’re punching a hole for string or ribbon, reinforce it with a small circular sticker or hole enforcer to prevent tearing

More pretty printable tags and labels:

You know I love making and sharing free printables. Here are some more!

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Remember, the beauty of a gift is often in the details. These tags will leave an impression, whether for a birthday, wedding, or a simple gesture of appreciation.

Beautiful Free Floral Printable Tags {4 Different Styles}

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