The 9 Friendliest Chicken Breeds of All Time {That Lay Eggs!}

Looking for chickens that are easy to get along with? Maybe even ones that will run up to you for a treat and a cuddle? (Yes, this is a real thing!)

Here are the friendliest chicken breeds perfect for your backyard flocks. These chickens are not just good at laying eggs, they’re great friends and companions.

Let’s find out which chicken breeds might be the best new members for your family.

grid of 4 friendly chickens and image of girl playing with them.

Get ready to meet some of the most laid-back, feathered friends that will fit right into your backyard and your life.

Why friendly chickens matter

Friendly breeds create a peaceful vibe in the yard. They’re less likely to fight with each other, and they’re even nice to us humans. Plus, when it’s time to collect eggs or tidy up the coop, it’s much easier when your chickens are calm and not pecking at your hands or running scared. The friendlier the breed, the less pecking, bullying, and general chaos you’ll have to manage.

Eggs for breakfast are great, but the best-kept secret of chickens? They’re like the pets you never knew you needed. Some will follow you around just like a loyal dog might, and others will happily sit in your lap. They’re social creatures that add a lively dynamic to the yard. And if you’ve got kids, friendly chickens can teach them about responsibility and care for animals without worrying about handling more aggressive breeds.

buff orpington hen

Buff Orpingtons: The Gentle Giants

Buff Orpingtons are the gentle giants of the chicken world. They’re the golden retriever of chickens, always ready for a pat or to sit by your side. Don’t let their size fool you; these birds are as mellow as they come.
They also lay a good number of large, brown eggs. They aren’t among the most productive breeds but lay a respectable 200 annually. Their motherly nature means they’re great at hatching and raising chicks if you’re interested.

white silkie chicken in green grass


The Silkie breed is unique-looking with soft, fur-like feathers. But even better, they are the most friendly breed of all, often craving cuddles from their owners. They love the company of humans. Super calm and docile, they make excellent pets, even for those with small children. They let you pick them up and even hold them in your lap. While they lay fewer eggs than the other breeds on this list, their personality more than makes up for it.

black australorp chicken outside


Australorps have a reputation for being gentle but sociable. They get along well with both people and their feathered flock mates. If egg-laying is your top priority, you’ll love this breed. They lay many large, light-brown eggs throughout the year.

plymouth rock hen outside.

Plymouth Rocks (aka Barred Rock)

Plymouth Rocks are friendly, curious, and get along with everyone. They’re hardy, easy-going birds. They’re adaptable, easy to handle, and perfect for new chicken keepers. While they won’t come running up to you wanting a cuddle, they have no personality flaws and do great in a mixed flock. Reliable in their egg production, they lay plenty of medium to large brown eggs.

white cochin outside in run.


Cochins are the fluffy bundles of calm in the coop. They have a tame and tranquil demeanor that can often lead to them being the favorite in a petting zoo. They don’t like to fry or roost, which makes them perfect for smaller yards or people with close neighbors. While they are not prolific layers, they do lay medium-sized eggs.

black and white sussex hen.


Sussex chickens are friendly, curious, and cute. They have lots of energy and will follow you around the yard. They’re also intelligent and easy to train to come when called. They lay large eggs and are steady layers.

red star chicken in grass

Red Star aka Golden Buff

Red Stars are the powerhouses when it comes to laying eggs. They’re bright and active, always on the move, and seem to enjoy life in the coop. Expect a friendly bird that’s not shy about mingling with you or the rest of the flock. They’re also top-notch layers, providing a steady supply of brown eggs all year round. If you’re after quantity and a bird with spirit, Red Stars won’t disappoint.

gray and white brahma chicken outside


Brahmas are the calm, collected type, big and gentle. They’re like the wise old souls of the chicken yard, never ruffled and always dignified. Though they don’t lay an egg daily, they contribute sizeable eggs. But their best feature is their calm demeanor. They’re a hit with families and do well mixed with other breeds.

golden laced wyandotte in green outside


With their beautiful feather patterns, Wyandottes bring style to your backyard. They’re not good-looking and have the personality to match — confident but kind. These birds fit in with humans or their coop companions. They’re also robust layers, laying light brown eggs even through winter. If you’re lo

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Choosing the right breed can make all the difference in your experience. All of these are good choices for families and anyone looking for a feathered friend.

group of happy chickens.
The 9 Friendliest Chicken Breeds of All Time {That Lay Eggs!}

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