28 Frugal Christmas Gifts For Adults {That They Won’t Hate}

First things first. If you’re looking for frugal Christmas presents because you don’t have a lot of money, the best thing to do is cut back on the number of people you’re buying for. Not everyone needs something from you.

But if you want some frugal and practical ideas and it’s not a struggle for you to buy gifts, I have some ideas.

Remember, being frugal isn’t the same as being cheap. Some of these are frugal because they’re practical… and some are just plain inexpensive 😉.

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Practical Holiday Presents

stack of books on nightstand.

Books + a bookmark

Not everyone likes books, but a reader will always appreciate a good one. An enriching and personal gift that lasts, if you put some thought into it.

tote bag with cat printed on outside.

Canvas tote

Durable and eco-friendly, this tote is perfect for shopping, beach trips, or daily errands, marrying style with utility.

mug with gift card.

gift card with a themed mug

Give the gift of choice with a card, while the mug adds a personal touch.

jar of homemade spice mix.

Diy kitchen mix (spices, etc.)

Elevate someone’s cooking game with a custom blend of spices or ingredients. It’s a touch of homemade love for their kitchen.

stack of shea butter soap.

Handmade soap

Infused with natural ingredients and care, this gift offers a luxurious bathing experience without the high-end price tag.

terracotta pots with plant cuttings.

Plant cuttings

Share a piece of your garden, promoting growth and greenery in their space, and potentially introducing them to a new hobby.

printable kitchen binder on table

DIY recipe book or binder

Pass down cherished family recipes or gather new ones; it’s a heartfelt way to bond over shared meals. Print this out and fill with your favorites.

board game on wooden table.

Board game or card game

Unplug and reconnect. Games offer hours of entertainment and are a gift of shared memories.

jar candle in front of window.


Create ambiance and tranquility; make this a personal gift by picking a scent you know the person will truly LOVE.

journal open with pen.

Journal and pens or stickers

Encourage self-reflection or creative expression. This is a fun gift for someone you don’t know much about.

metal tin with tea in front.

A collection of gourmet teas in a pretty tin

Explore flavors from around the world, a cozy and aromatic journey from the comfort of home.

silicone bag of lemon slices.

Reusable silicone food storage bags or containers

Ditch the disposables; this eco-friendly alternative is practical and saves the recipient money over time.

knit socks hanging up.


A cozy essential that’s always appreciated, especially in playful or unique designs.

glasses of homemade cocktails.

DIY cocktail or mocktail mix set

Elevate their drink game with curated ingredients for a memorable beverage experience at home.

key holder.

Decorative key holders or wall hooks

Organize in style; it’s a blend of décor and utility for any entrance or room.

knit scarf on ledge.

Scarf and glove set

Either choose something super cute or super warm… either way, it will get used!

flashlight on table.

rechargeable flashlight

Reliable light in unexpected moments. An essential tool, ensuring they’re never left in the dark.

wooden drawer organizers

Drawer organizers

Help them simplify and declutter their space, making daily routines smoother and more efficient.

old fashioned ktichen scale

Kitchen scale

Precise measurements lead to culinary success, making recipes more consistent and delicious. This can also help with cleanup (no measuring cups needed) and the analog ones are cute.

portable phone charger

portable phone charger

For the person who is out of the house a lot. No one ever regrets having one of these tucked away for an emergency.

woman holding stainless carafe

Insulated drink tumbler

Keep beverages at the perfect temperature on-the-go, marrying convenience with sustainability.

shiny silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are great for your skin and hair, and they are surprisingly affordable.

mason jars with homemade pantry goods in cabinet

Mason jars or mason jar toppers

Transform jars into usable containers for drinks, storage, or decor. You can buy shakers, flower arrangers, spray bottles, pumps, and much more.

cast iron skillet with 4 pork chops.

Cast iron skillet

A kitchen workhorse, this skillet offers even heating and improves with age, perfect for countless dishes.

laptop stand extended

laptop stand or lap desk

Will be much appreciated by anyone who works from home. Some people like a cozy pillow version that works with the couch, some prefer an ergonomic desk stand like this one.

USB box charger.

USB charging hub

Streamline and organize device charging, making tangled cords and lost chargers a thing of the past. These are also great for frequent travelers.

stack of batteries.

reusable batteries with charger

Power devices sustainably, cutting down on waste and saving money in the long run. Not everyone loves these, but I do.

magnetic notepad or wall clipboard

Keep reminders or grocery lists handy, ensuring no task or ingredient is forgotten.

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Tips for making a frugal gift a success

  • Personalization. This makes an affordable gift feel, well…personal! Consider hand-painting a canvas tote or adding a handwritten note inside the cover of a book. Many things can also be embroidered or printed professional for a small fee.
  • Bundle. A “themed” gift can feel more special. For example, the journal and pens could be bundled with a cozy blanket for a “cozy evening in” gift set.
  • Presentation counts. A simple plain Kraft paper wrapping with a homemade tag is all you need.

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These touches can make sure your present doesn’t come off as cheap. It’s cheesy to say that it’s the thought that counts, but it really is true ❤️.

More ideas for a simple Christmas

This doesn’t have to be a hectic, expensive season. Promise.

From the practical to the pleasantly unexpected, it’s clear that thoughtfulness doesn’t have to break the bank. Even the simplest presents can leave a lasting impression. I hope this list sparks joy and inspiration for your holiday season. I wish you the best this time of year (and always).

28 Frugal Christmas Gifts For Adults {That They Won\'t Hate}

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