Home Harvest: All Things Vegetable Gardening

There is nothing like growing your own. Whether it’s bushels of vegetables of a simple bouquet of wildflowers, a kitchen garden fills your heart like nothing else. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of a self-sufficient life.

I’ve gathered all my gardening articles, tips, and ideas to help you create your own kitchen garden. If you have a huge space and need inspiration, I’ve got it. If all you have space for is a small raised bed, and need to make the most of it, I’ve got you there too.

I have sample plans and growing guides for different vegetables and cut flowers. Browse through, bookmark this page, and come back often. I hope you find everything you need for the garden of your dreams ❤️.

kitchen garden with flowers in front of red barn.

Let’s create a backyard garden that’s both productive and enjoyable.

garden planning

Learn the basics of designing your dream garden by diving into the world of garden planning. This section helps you start a successful garden by picking the right place and plants—many sample plans to copy or inspire you.

drawing of large vegetable garden.

Cut flower garden garden guides

Grow beautiful cutting flowers in your own backyard with our cut flower garden guide. In this section, you’ll find tips for planting, caring for, and harvesting flowers. These flowers will bring color and fragrance to your home throughout the season.

cutting garden full of sunflowers in front of bbarn,
  • The Best Sunflowers to Grow at Home. All our favorites for cutting, birds, and more.
  • How To Start a Cutting Garden. Learn how to create a cutting garden in your own backyard and enjoy fresh bouquets. It’s easy for beginners.
  • Best Cutting Flowers for Beginners. Looking for blooms that are easy to grow and perfect for snipping? Check out our list of the Best Cutting Flowers for Beginners.
  • Old Fashioned Cutting Flowers. Step back in time and enjoy our charming collection of classic flowers for cutting. They are ideal for adding a timeless touch to any bouquet.
  • Fall Cutting Flowers. These flowers bring the warmth of autumn colors to your home. Each arrangement becomes a cozy masterpiece.
  • How to Grow Sunflowers. Experience the joy of growing sunflowers in your garden. It’s simple and rewarding, bringing sunshine to any space.
  • How to Grow Zinnias. Brighten your garden with zinnias! Learn how to grow these vibrant and easy-to-care-for flowers that add a splash of color all season long.

Vegetable garden guides

Learn how to grow a successful vegetable garden with our in-depth guides focused on specific plants. From onions to tomatoes and more, how to harvest the prettiest veggies on the block.

homegrown onions drying on porch.

Where do you start with a garden as a complete beginner?

Grow just two things. Give them lots of room. Your first year is the first of many and you have your whole life ahead of you for a big garden.

What is a kitchen garden vs a vegetable garden?

They’re the same thing! I just say kitchen garden to encompass herbs and flowers and other goodies to harvest 😊.

more resources:

  • Burpee is famous for its excellent seeds and plants. They have a wide variety of vegetables and flowers. They also provide gardening supplies and advice.
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a reliable place to get high-quality seeds for gardening. They are one of my favorite cut-flower sources.
  • Seed Savers Exchange. This organization is non-profit and focuses on rare and unique heirloom seeds for vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
  • Baker Creek sells unique and rare vegetable and flower seeds that are hard to find.

After learning about kitchen gardening, I hope you feel inspired to start or improve your own garden. Embrace the good and don’t let setbacks discourage you.. Remember, gardening is a journey of learning and growth, (literally!). And there’s always next year 😉.

Home Harvest: All Things Vegetable Gardening

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