Gift Ideas for Great British Baking Show Lovers

Need some beautiful Christmas gifts for a baker? Here are ten gift ideas for the person in your life who loves English country style, beautiful baking scenes, and faithfully watches the greatest show on television.

Aren’t we all Great British Baking Show lovers? Yes we are. A lot of gifts that are tailored to fans of the show are cheesy and adorned with silly phrases. But people who love the Great British Baking show like pretty things and baking, not goofy sayings. So this list is compiled with this in mind. (They are also often gardeners, and may enjoy some of these gifts for gardeners!) Everything is pretty and practical, not cheesy. Santa would be happy to deliver any of these goodies to the baker in your life.

1. Reusable piping bags

You will see bakers on the show using this blue piping bags frequently. It’s amazing how stiff they are, and they stay open for you to load them up with meringue, batter, or anything else that needs a lot of room. The little disposable ones are fine for small amount of frosting, but for anything more substantial, go with these. I use them for piping meringue on my Key Lime Pie and baking whoopee pies.

Set of Three Reusable Piping Bags with Different Tips

2. Mason Cash Mixing bowl

You know the one. The quintessential mason cash bowl that you see in almost every episode can be hard to find in stock. But any Mason Cash bowl has that same English country kitchen feel and will be loved and appreciated. Besides the classic “Cane” line, you can get the British baking feel with the strawberry bowl, green apple bowl, or Woodland Forest bowl.

Here’s the classic:

Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl

3. Lame For Scoring Bread

Anyone who loves the Great British Bake Show appreciates beauty. That means that a tool that basically has one function, to make bread pretty, will not be wasted on them. It also means you can’t be getting them any old plastic lame. It has to be pretty itself.

Walnut Lame

4. A scoop for cookie dough

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen anyone use this on the Great British Baking Show. But it is such handy kitchen gadget I just had to use it, and it’s perfect for those us who like things to be “just so”. If you can get the baker on your list a complete set for different sizes cookies, all the better. I use them for meatballs, scones, muffins, and anything else that I want to be equal sizes.

One word of caution: Amazon doesn’t sell any that have a turning gear. They only carry the kind with springs, which will eventually break. You’ll want to head over to King Arthur Flour for this one. I have this exact set and have used and abused it for years, (even using it for ice cream!) and putting it through the dishwasher.

Cookie Scoop Set of 3

5. Bannetons

Bannetons, or proofing baskets, help shape your bread during a long rise. They are especially useful for artisan sourdough bread. Another benefit is they look beautiful in the kitchen. A true baker would love a round and an oval shape. One of these plus a lame would be perfect for someone who loves the bread episode in every season of the Great British Baking Show.

Round Banneton

6. Red Gingham Tablecloth

The aspiring British baker in your life will be very familiar with the “Gingham Altar”, where contestants place their baked goods to be judged. A charming red gingham tablecloth will give you the country look without the intense anxiety.

This tablecloth is sized for a picnic table and is 100% cotton.

7. The Village Baker’s Wife Cookbook

Okay this one is probably my favorite. It’s also soft of tricky to get your hands on, because at the time I am writing this it’s out of print, except for the Kindle Edition. But trust me when I tell you that it is an amazing cookbook. It has recipes for all those tempting and beautiful things you see in the pastry case, as well as simpler things like cookies and brownies. But what will really tickle any Great British baking show lover is that it has recipes for some of the more bizarre things made on the show. There are recipes for Kouignamann and fougasse. There are also tutorials for British baking basics like pastry cream and croissants.

Don’t be ashamed to give a used copy of this book to a special someone on your Christmas list. But if you can track down a reasonably priced new one, all the better.

The Village Baker’s Wife in hardcover

8. Paul Hollywood Style bread “proving” bags

Does anyone else think its weird that they call it bread “proving”? I guess it’s technically correct. But anyway, during the “proving” stage, these amazing bags are always shown that seal up the dough but don’t touch the surface at all. I am still using greased plastic wrap, as a silly American. But I would really love a set of these.

Set of 100 Proving Bags

9. A country style apron

You can find a lot of “funny” aprons themed around the Great British Baking show. These are terrible gifts for lovers of the show, because they are cheesy. The show is all about beauty with a country and slightly granny aesthetic. Joke aprons don’t work. This floral one is pretty with an old fashioned feel, and just right for your British baking friends.

Floral Cotton Apron with Pocket

10. Pretty dessert plates

Any serious baker needs a set of dessert plates. They should be pretty but not distract from your beautiful baked goods. These fit the Great British Baking Show aesthetic perfectly and come in this pretty robin’s egg blue or in white.

Lenox Perle Accent Plate

So there you have it!

Even though these are inspired by GBBO, they are great for all bakers.

If you are the only one you know who loves the Great British Baking Show, well that is very sad. Make sure whoever is shopping for you sees this list!

Merry Christmas!

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