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    Pressure canned potatoes in a jar

    Pressure Canning Potatoes

    This straightforward guide ensures you’ll have delicious canned potatoes ready for your pantry. Perfect for making the most of a bumper crop or taking advantage of a sale, this method keeps potatoes safe and tasty all year round. The end product is simple, soft, slightly salted potatoes ready for your favorite recipe. You must have…
    A vibrant watercolor artwork featuring a basket full of freshly harvested tomatoes sitting on a garden bench, with tomato plants and a farmhouse in the distance

    Garden to Table: Tomatoes {Recipes + Tips}

    Every gardener loves tomatoes. Whether you slice them up and eat them fresh or process them into one of the dozens of ways to preserve them, they can do just about anything. They’re easy and fun to grow, but if you don’t have a garden, that’s okay. Head to your local farmers market and stock…
    canned hot peppers in mason jars.

    Garden to Table: Jalapeno Peppers {Recipes + Tips)

    Packed with heat and flavor, jalapenos and other hot peppers are easy to grow in your garden and affordable to buy any time of year. While you might think of them as mostly a garnish, they’re versatile and add life and color to any dish. If you’ve ever found yourself with lots of hot peppers…
    A warm, watercolored still life showcasing a basket brimming with freshly harvested cucumbers on an old wooden kitchen table,

    Garden to Table: Cucumbers {Recipes + Tips)

    Do you have tons of cucumbers piling up from your garden and are not sure what to do with them? I’m here to help! I’ve put together some of my favorite recipes, from cool salads to tangy pickles. And if you want to grow your own, I can help with that too. From choosing varieties…

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