9 Must-Have Homesteading Homeschool Printables

If you’re exploring the world of all things home, you’ll love these Homesteading Homeschool Printables. They’re perfect for mixing up learning with practical, fun activities in the kitchen.

A detailed chick hatching chart displaying various tasks such as egg turning and temperature checks for each day during incubation.

Printable Egg Incubation Chart For Hatching With Kids

This chart is great for little ones and those who are still young at heart. It’s perfect as a sticker chart, where you can add a sticker for each task completed during the egg incubation process.

A playful image of the "Upset the Farm Animal Game," featuring illustrated cards with cute farm animals like a cow and a pig.

Upset the Farm Animal Game

Our family adores playing Upset the Farm! It’s a favorite at all our family gatherings and works wonderfully for big groups. Both kids and adults get a kick out of it, making it a hit across all ages.

A promotional graphic for free chicken coloring pages and activities, showcasing examples like a word search and cutting practice.

Free Chicken Coloring Pages and Activities for Kids

Enjoy a clucking great time with these free chicken-themed coloring pages and activities for kids. Simply print them out and watch your little ones have fun!

Educational worksheets about the life cycle of a bean plant, including labeled diagrams and a seed dissection lab sheet.

Life Cycle of a Bean Plant

Discover the wonders of green bean plants with these engaging and free printable worksheets on the life cycle of a bean plant! This activity is perfect for spring and offers a fantastic way to learn about how beans grow through their various stages. For an even richer learning experience, combine this with other simple plant experiments for additional hands-on fun!

An educational wheel chart illustrating the life cycle of a chicken, featuring drawings of various stages from egg to adult hen.

Free Life Cycle of a Chicken Worksheet

Explore the remarkable transformation from egg to adult with our captivating chicken life cycle worksheets. These printables are perfect for young learners, providing a hands-on way to grasp the different stages of a chicken’s life, making science enjoyable and easy to understand.

A colorful title for the "Farm Fine Motor Bundle," surrounded by examples of activities focusing on farm-related fine motor skills.

Farm Fine Motor Bundle

The Farm Fine Motor Bundle offers an excellent opportunity for kids in preschool and kindergarten to enhance their counting, alphabet knowledge, and fine motor skills. This bundle helps young learners develop control over their hand, finger, and thumb movements—a crucial skill they’ll use throughout their lives. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn about farms and the animals that inhabit them.

An artistic title image for a canning unit study, featuring a book logo with a plant and a mason jar.

Canning Unit Study

This concise 16-page mini unit study is all about the art of preserving food through canning. It’s designed to be both fun and educational, featuring cut and paste activities, matching games, and engaging lessons on the history and science of canning. Perfect for a quick, interactive learning experience!

A comprehensive visual for a free chicken unit study, including book covers and worksheets related to chicken anatomy and life cycles.

Free Homeschool Chicken Unit Study and Anatomy of an Egg Felt Activity & Worksheet

Explore into our chicken unit study, which covers everything from the anatomy of chickens and their eggs to their life cycles, habits, and breeds. Learn about the various products we derive from chickens and what is required to care for them. This comprehensive study provides a rich educational experience.

A vibrant header for free kids gardening printables, accompanied by example activities like a seed investigator and scavenger hunt worksheet.

Free Kids Gardening Printables

Having been a backyard gardener for many years, my children have grown to love both eating from our garden and assisting with its planting and harvesting. I’ve created these free gardening printables with the hope that they will inspire your kids to get excited about starting their own garden adventures.

There you have it! A treasure trove of Homesteading Homeschool Printables to make learning fun and practical for your little ones. Whether it’s following the intricate journey of a chick from egg to hatchling, exploring the stages of a bean plant, or diving into the world of canning, these resources are designed to enrich your homeschooling experience.

They blend education with hands-on activities that not only teach valuable skills but also cultivate a deeper understanding of where our food comes from. So, print these out, get your stickers ready, and prepare for a delightful educational adventure that brings the whole family together.

9 Must-Have Homesteading Homeschool Printables

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