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a lifestyle site about home, homestead, and from-scratch recipes

Heart’s Content Farmhouse is a personal blog with a very personal relationship with my readers. All of the content is written and edited by me.

What sets this site apart is its practical, simple, and no-nonsense approach to “complicated” things like soapmaking, sourdough baking, and canning. I am known for easy-to-understand recipes and easily accessible help. I respond to almost every single reader’s comment and email.

Site Information

  • 350K+ monthly pageviews
  • 10K+ highly engaged email subscribers
  • YouTube channel of 40K+ subscribers


Please note that I do not accept sponsored posts, videos, or emails.

However, I welcome media mentions. Please feel free to use a single photo or any of the following downloadable assets, along with a mention of my website.

I am also open to interviews, collaborations, and almost anything.

You can contact me via email at with any questions. (I’m very nice 😊!)

How this blog was started

This began as a diary of sorts, focused on thoughts about consumerism and simple living.

Over time, the focus switched to step-by-step tutorials. I began with sourdough, and in 2020, suddenly began receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Many of them stuck around and started asking for more tutorials.

So I added content about soap, canning, and other recipes.

I still focus on breaking things down into small steps and always including process. photos so my readers get the best results.

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