Simple and Natural Farmhouse Spring Table

I’m so happy today to be joining in a blog hop with a few friends to share our spring tables this year. My spring table setting uses natural elements and neutral basics for a simple and seasonal look for very little money. Be sure to check out the table settings linked below for more spring inspiration. They are from friends i truly admire with beautiful taste!

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When you were little, did you look through Martha Stewart Living and dream of the day you had a home of your own and could decorate it beautifully for the seasons? I couldn’t wait until I could buy every bunny statue, spring wreath, and pastel plaid tablecloth made by man. But when I finally did have a home of my own, I still couldn’t afford any of that!

using what you have outside

purple deadnettke in small white creamer

It took me years to realize that the best way to decorate for the seasons was to use what was in season. If I just had a few natural basics, I could go right outside my door and gather what was available.

I love daffodils and other cut flowers but those aren’t necessary to bring the outdoors in. In this table setting I have branches that are bare, some with leaves, and some greenery. Any type of living thing will work. I even like to cut weeds and bring them in when that is all that’s available. Don’t worry if you can’t have daffodils mixed with lilacs mixed with roses. Those things aren’t in season at the same time anyway!

single variety bouquets seem more natural

To keep this look simple and unfussy I decided to put one variety in each container. We seem to have an urge to create “arrangements” with flowers, but it is very hard to do unless you know what you are doing. Since I have no skill in that area, one thing in each jar worked best for me.

Keeping the jars to one since variety also meant that there were no arrangements that were both tall and full, which block people’s views of each other. Some were full and short, some were narrow and tall, so visibility across the table was still good!

practical containers for a More country look

Another thing that kept this look relaxed was putting everything in a container that was NOT a designated vase. I used a mix of creamers, mason jars, and pitchers to avoid a formal, fussy look.

Woodlawn blue dining rom with natural spring decorations

So don’t be sad if you can’t afford to put together all the elegant spring tables you see in magazines. True farmhouse style is more about using what you have and what’s in season anyway. All you need is to walk outside with a pair of scissors and see what happens.

Setting Up this Table:

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  1. I commented yesterday, but it showed up as my kids family blog…so weird! I am constantly having tech issues! Your table is so pretty, thanks for doing this tour with me! Hope we can do more in the future!

  2. Your table is beautiful. I love the asymmetry of the flowers/branches. I always feel like things need to be symmetrical, but in all honesty I think asymmetry is much more beautiful! It’s something I’m working on, and this is inspiration.

    • See I love symmetry but I can’t achieve it. I also love formal, layered looks. I just know my limits ????

  3. so simple and sweet! i love single flower/branch/greens bouquets too! sometimes I think I over think things though. thanks for the reminder to keep it simple…our full and busy home needs that most days!


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