Queen Anne Pink Bedroom

This post is a short tour of my older girls bedroom. I just painted it Queen Anne Pink and rearranged things.

Isn’t this a beautiful name for a color?  As soon as I heard the words Queen Anne Pink, I had to have it for my girls bedroom.  

The actual color, a warm and soft coral pink, was just a bonus. It’s a Benjamin Moore historical collection color. They always have a touch of black to keep the color from looking too crazy.

I’ve always though their room had good bones.  It’s a nice size: a bit over 13 x13, with FOUR windows.

The view from the side is beautiful.


And so is the view from the front:

girhlsbedroomfront view

The before pictures

But it is on the North corner of the house, and the grayish paint color always felt cold and drab, especially in the winter.  I have tried to liven it up with small quilts, colorful pictures, and things like that but it has never looked great.



(But its so cute that they wanted their beds together.)

After painting the bedroom in Queen Anne Pink:


Isn’t it so much cozier now?  The color is so warm.  I switched out the paintings for ones that were more subtle, decluttered the dresser, and removed their HIDEOUS pink and purple toy chest.  (It’s just sitting in the hallway right now, awaiting its fate.)

I had tried so long trying to warm up their room through accessories, and it just ended up looking junky.  Turns out what it needed was a BIG impact (color on the walls), and a thorough decluttering. I could have saved myself a lot of time by realizing that in the beginning, and I suspect that many other rooms in my house are the same way.



Just wanted to share.  Have a good weekend!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your daughters’ room makeover. Love the color! Queen Anne Pink is one of a handful of colors we’re considering for a small windowless guest bathroom.

  2. I love this room, that they wanted to near each other, and that after the makeover each girl has a statue of the Blessed Mother watching over them as they sleep, and the pink walls are beautiful!