Gorgeous Printable Farmhouse Wall Art Watercolors {5 Free Designs}


Spring cleaning is well and good, but spring decorating is the most exciting way to celebrate. This season is all fresh air, florals, and sunshine. Today, do something free, pretty, and simple for your home by decorating with free farmhouse spring wall art.

These lovely printable watercolors are beautiful, cozy, and gentle. They’re easy to download and completely free. They’re all designed to fit a 5×7 frame opening. Enjoy!

printed and framed farmhouse watercolor on blue wood background.

I’ve included five styles of spring farmhouse scenes, each offering a unique take on the best season of all.

1. Serenity at Sunrise Farmhouse

Embrace the peace of early morning in the countryside with this “Serenity at Sunrise Farmhouse” watercolor. The soft blues and fresh greens of a new day bring a tranquil start to your daily routine.

A tranquil farmhouse basks in the soft light of dawn, flanked by blossoming trees in serene blues and greens, capturing the essence of spring.

2. Sunlit Country Kitchen

Let the heart of the home shine with “Sunlit Country Kitchen,” a watercolor that bathes your space in the golden glow of morning. Fresh fruit on the table invites comfort into every mealtime.

A cozy kitchen interior is illuminated by warm sunlight, with a rustic table displaying a pitcher of flowers and a bowl of fresh citrus fruits, inviting a sense of comfort.

3. Spring Blossom Hideaway

Discover the allure of spring with “Spring Blossom Hideaway,” capturing a picturesque farmhouse enveloped in the delicate pink of blooming trees. This art brings a breath of fresh air and floral beauty into your living space.

A tranquil farmhouse basks in the soft light of dawn, flanked by blossoming trees in serene blues and greens, capturing the essence of spring.

4. Pastoral Elegance Artwork

Step into a scene of timeless beauty with “Pastoral Elegance,” where rolling meadows and a rustic homestead under a clear sky evoke the simplicity of pastoral life. This one is so relaxing.

A panoramic view of a pastoral landscape featuring a distant farmhouse, surrounded by a tapestry of wildflowers and the gentle hues of spring.

5. Tranquil Waterside Retreat

“Tranquil Waterside Retreat” is a little more natural and pastoral, less farmhouse. It would be beautiful in a bedroom or bathroom.

A serene stream meanders through a spring meadow, with a backdrop of a classic farmhouse and flowering trees reflecting in the calm waters.

How to Print Wall Art

Here’s how to make the most of your free printable spring farmhouse wall art with ease:

  • Choose High-Quality Photo Paper: For the best results, opt for high-quality photo paper. This will give your prints that professional look with vibrant colors and a nice glossy finish.
  • Use the Best Printer Settings: Set your printer to the highest quality settings. This might mean selecting ‘Photo Quality’ or a similar option to ensure your prints come out sharp and clear.
  • Check Your Ink Levels: Before printing, make sure your printer has sufficient ink. Running out mid-print can lead to faded colors and a less than perfect finish.
  • Cut to Fit: If your frames are a standard size, you might need to trim the edges of your printed art. Use a sharp pair of scissors or a paper cutter for a clean, straight edge.
  • Protect Your Prints: Consider placing your prints behind glass or a clear plastic sheet in the frame. This will protect them from dust, sunlight, and the wear and tear of everyday life.
  • Display with Care: When hanging your prints, choose a spot away from direct sunlight to prevent fading, and use appropriate mounting tools to keep your walls and art damage-free.

Remember, the beauty of printable wall art is that you can update your decor as often as you like, without the fuss or expense of shopping for new pieces. So go ahead, download your favorite farmhouse prints, and give your home that fresh spring vibe. Enjoy your beautiful new space

How to Use Your Printable Spring Farmhouse Wall Art

  • Create a Gallery Wall: Mix and match prints to create a stunning gallery wall in your living room, entryway, or stairwell. Use frames of varying sizes and finishes for a dynamic, curated look.
  • Seasonal Refresh: Swap out existing artwork with these spring-themed prints to reflect the season outside. It’s a simple way to keep your decor feeling fresh and relevant. Be sure to tuck any out-of-season art in a folder so you can use it again.
  • Gift Giving: Printed and nicely framed, these make thoughtful housewarming or special occasion gifts for friends and family who appreciate the farmhouse aesthetic.

More Spring Printables

I’ve got lots of florals, farmhouses, and other pretty springtime PDFs to share with you.

  • After hanging your new spring farmhouse prints, why not add a splash of nature’s diversity with some Wildflower Wall Art to complete your rustic gallery?
  • Complement your farmhouse aesthetic with Vintage Botanical Wall Art.
  • Check out this charming collection of Bee Printables, perfect for any nook needing a hint of whimsy.
  • Unleash your creativity or provide a fun activity for the kids with our beautifully illustrated Wildflower Coloring Pages.
  • Encourage your little ones’ love of nature with Bee Coloring Pages, a sweet way to bring the joy of spring indoors.

I hope you enjoy this easy, affordable way to inject life, color, and warmth into your space, celebrating the simplicity and beauty of farmhouse living.

Gorgeous Printable Farmhouse Wall Art Watercolors {5 Free Designs}

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