Thinking about zero-waste

Not thinking about actually attempting it. Just thinking about it.

Wasn’t it it just last fall that everyone was talking about hygge, and we were supposed to be surrounded by candles and playing cards? What was the “lifestyle trend” before that? Outdoor adventure? Quality time? Or was this the first one to have an official name and identifiable start date?

I recently stopped buying dish sponges, because I find them gross and ugly. Now I use dish cloths and a wooden scrub brush. Imagine my joy to learn that the brushes are part of the zero waste lifestyle! They can be composted!

Fine, except that I had them shipped here. They are made in Germany. Germany. The handle is wood, which I’m sure was harvested with power tools, trucked to the factory, and manufactured by something other than manpower. Sponges…well, I would have just picked them up at Costco while I was already there. The whole package weighs basically nothing and probably cost very little to transport from the factory to the store or the store to my home. But thank goodness I can throw this wooden brush in the compost to break down in twenty years. Don’t ask me about the plastic wrapper it came in.

Of course zero waste require a whole new set of implements. Glass jars, reusable produce bags, more wooden brushes, a drying rack, reusable straws. A travel mug so that when you go to Starbucks you can have them fill your mug instead of getting a paper mug. Conveniently, the coffee beans were grown and processed in the back of the restaurant, which is run on solar energy.

I’m not sure why this is making me so grouchy. I’m not saying that little things don’t make a difference. I also think plastic is wasteful and ugly. Heck, I line a basket in newspaper to give leftover food to the chickens and then put the newspaper in the compost. I use cloth diapers! But showing up to the grocery store with a quart sized jug and asking for olive oil… does not make sense.

Usually I am able to look at a trend and just simply think “that is not for me,” and move on. But this one seems so silly, so unrealistic, and so laced with judgement. Trash is a problem. Our throw away culture is a problem. Rich people with expensive brushes, me included, are not the answer. Do your best. Buy your glass jars. And then maybe stop calling it something it’s not.

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8 thoughts on “Thinking about zero-waste”

  1. This made me laugh! I have often contemplated shipping costs for a natural item that comes from halfway around the world. 🙂 It’s good to have a reasonable perspective like you while still making small baby steps. 🙂

  2. I tried a lot of these trends when they came out. I was looking for simpler ways of life to my complicated one. I found that trends are stressful and come with a lot of unwritten rules. Not for me. Now I try to live mindful but not stressful. I get a joy out of recycling things. I find that glass and wood makes me feel calm rather than plastic but guess what? My mother in law gifted me with new Tupperware that she saved as a wedding gifts for each of her boys. Now my pantry is lined with Tupperware and mason jars. It aligns with my values of budgeting so it makes me content. Now I do still want reusable produce bags but haven’t stressed because our store has a drop off for recycling the ones that I haven’t used for the tiny guest bathroom trashcan. I believe following trend is frustrating. Be true to your values and you will stay content.

    • I love the idea of “mindful but not stressful”…just taking the trend as far is it helpful to you, and then letting the rest go. How nice of your mother in law to save things for her sons. Even if if it not to your taste, it is truly done in love.
      Yes I make all our soap! I love doing it. Check out brambleberry if you are interested; they have good tutorials and sell the ingredients. I have a few recipes around here somewhere too! ????

      • Yes, I am truly grateful. That is awesome that you make your own soap! #Goals. I will check it out, thank you:)

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