A super soft crumb and a slightly sweet flavor.

Ultimate Comfort Food: Soft Amish White Bread

Key to Softness: Milk, Butter, and Sugar

Mixing Made Easy

Combine the ingredients until you achieve a smooth dough, perfect for the next step: kneading.

Kneading: The Path to Perfection

Spend 10-15 minutes kneading to reach the windowpane stage, ensuring your bread's ideal texture.

First Rise: Watch the Dough Transform

A warm spot and an hour's time will see your dough double in size, getting closer to that dreamy loaf.

Shaping Your Loaf

With a gentle touch, shape your dough and prepare it for its final rise, setting the stage for baking.

Second Rise

Rise until puffy, in a warm place

Bake to Golden Perfection

A preheated oven and a golden egg wash lead to a loaf that's deliciously inviting, inside and out

Enjoy and Share

Whether fresh, toasted, or as part of your favorite sandwich, this Amish White Bread is sure to delight.

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