Discover the beauty of chickens roaming freely, enjoying nature's bounty

Introduction to Free-Ranging Chickens

Free-range chickens enjoy the freedom to move and explore. Unlike their coop-bound counterparts, they have the outdoors as their playground.

What is Free-Range?

Imagine the joy of basking in the sun and foraging freely. Free-range chickens experience better mental and physical well-being, living life to the fullest

The Happiness of Free-Range Chickens

Free-ranging reduces feed bills but doesn't eliminate them. A balanced diet is crucial for health and egg production, even for the most adventurous chick

Nutritional Needs

Protecting free-range chickens from predators is challenging but essential. Secure nighttime coops and vigilant care can make all the difference.

Safety Measures

Chickens don't shy away from exploring their diet options, including outdoor pet food. Monitoring their diet is key to keeping them healthy

Curious Eaters

Your vegetable garden might just become a gourmet buffet for your chickens. Strategic use of fencing can protect your greens from becoming chicken feed

Garden Lovers

Introduce young hens to the great outdoors gradually, ensuring they're savvy enough to navigate the risks while enjoying their freedom.

Starting Young

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