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How to make your home cozy on a budget

A look at small, personal details that make a house cozy. Your budget and decor skills don’t matter.


Having a fire is the easiest way to instantly create coziness in your home. Besides the physical warmth it provides, it is like having a companion in the room. The glow, flame, and dry heat of a fire just can’t be beat.


Color, or at least warm neutrals, go a long way towards creating coziness in your home.


If you don’t like painting walls a color, or prefer your house to look different throughout the year, use colors for dish towels, rugs, curtains, and cushions.

Homemade food

The food itself is cozy, but so it the act of creating it. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when it’s isn’t used it doesn’t beat.

Beautiful things with a purpose

If the things you buy are both useful and beautiful, your home will be cozy and inviting without even trying.

Living things

living things create coziness in your home without you having to do anything. Every house needs something alive.  Plants, pets, and other people make a house feel alive because they are alive.

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