By Michaela Doe

July 22, 2020

Welcome Spring with Grandmacore Vibes

The Heart of Spring: Gardening

Whether it’s planting heirloom seeds or cutting early wildflowers, let it inspire a fresh start in your garden and your life.

Old-Fashioned Garden Care

Talk to your plants, use eggshells for fertilization, and welcome beneficial insects.

Spring Cleaning with Soul

Open your windows and let the fresh air in. Declutter with care, cherishing old, meaningful items. Make cleaning fun and eco-friendly with homemade natural cleaners.

Baking and Cooking with Heart

Return to the roots of baking with spring-inspired recipes. From strawberry sweet rolls to lavender honey cookies.

Crafting with Love

Knit or crochet with vibrant spring colors, or create beautiful pieces with pressed flowers.

Host a Vintage Tea Party

Use vintage tableware, serve homemade scones and jams, and enjoy the art of real conversation.

Cozy Up with Classic Reads

Surround yourself with classic literature and floral-patterned cushions for a peaceful escape.

Floral Fancies: Home Décor

Floral prints on pillows, wallpaper, or even phone cases add a cheerful vibe

Let this spring be a time of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. From your garden to your kitchen, crafts, and decor, fill your life with the simple, beautiful things that make spring truly special.

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