Freezing fresh strawberries

How to prepare for hard times:

15 simple ways

Learn how to prepare for hard times now, before you need to, without buying things you’ll never use or making people think you’re crazy.

Freezing fresh strawberries

Food storage

•Learn to cook •Eat seasonally •Learn canning

•Keep cold storage •Store grains in bulk

Freezing fresh strawberries

Gardening for hard times

• Learn to Garden: Start now so you know what you're doing when you really need it.

•Learn to garden without a lot of “stuff”

•Seed Saving and Starting: Save seeds from year to year.

Freezing fresh strawberries

Health and first aid

•Learn herbal medicine •Wean yourself off unnecessary medications •Learn basic first aid

Freezing fresh strawberries

how to prepare for hard times as a community

•Make friends with your neighbors

•Buy local…now

•Master one skill, or produce a lot of one thing

•Make your kids productive members of the household

Freezing fresh strawberries

what about everything else?

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of everything you would need to do to prepare for something like a hurricane, economic depression, or quarantine. You need to consider what you can do in your own personal circumstances.

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