Goat Milk Soap



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– almond oil – castor oil – coconut oil – olive oil – palm oil

– shea butter – beeswax – lye – goat milk - fragrance oil /color(optional)

 Prepare the goat milk by freezing for a few hours until it reaches a slushy consistency.

Add the lye to the partially frozen milk and stir until completely blended. It will melt, heat up, and may change color.

Measure the oils, butters, and beeswax and melt over low heat until completely melted and heated to 140 degrees. Set aside to cool.

When the milk and oils have cooled to about 110 degrees, pour the milk into the melted oils and blend using a stick blender. Add desired fragrance or color, stirring in by hand.

Pour into soap mold, gently smoothing out top. Place in fridge or freezer to avoid cracking.

Un-mold after 24 hours, cut into bars, and allow to cure for 2 weeks before using.

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