Freezing fresh strawberries

How to       on one income

live frugally

When you transition to one-income lifestyle, whether out of need or desire, it always affects the household budget. Here are seven ways to make it work.

Freezing fresh strawberries

Look at your biggest bills

•Mortgage •Car payments •Health care •School tuition

Freezing fresh strawberries

• Use sales and coupons wisely.

•Consider grocery pick up… even if you have to pay a small fee for it.

•Stop going out to eat

Save money on food

Freezing fresh strawberries

• Homemade soap and lotion

•Jams, pickles, and other simple home canned items.

•Baking bread

Do it yourself  (when it makes sense)

Freezing fresh strawberries

•Trick yourself into shopping less.

•Accept all hand me downs.

•Be friends with thrift stores.

Shop less and buy used

Freezing fresh strawberries

There is real income to be made online, and blogging or starting a YouTube channel is the ideal side job for a stay at home mom who can work into pockets of her day.

Make money on the side

Freezing fresh strawberries

Stop focusing on all the things you can’t have anymore. That might mean staying away from magazines and catalogs designed to make you want things.

Be content

Freezing fresh strawberries

Stay home for entertainment

•Watch a movie and make popcorn.

•Having guests over for a board game and inexpensive drinks can be very fun..

And that’s it! Obviously this is not every single money-saving idea in world! But I hope it’s gotten you started thinking about ways to simplify you life and you budget. 

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