How to Prepare for Hard Times

Learn how to prepare for hard times now, before you need to, without buying things you’ll never use or making people think you’re crazy


• Learn To Cook With Basic Ingredients • Eat Seasonally • Can Abundant Produce • Buy Produce in Bulk and keep in a Cool Place • Store Grains In Bulk

• Garden Without a Lot of Stuff: Learn how to garden simply. • Seed Saving and Starting: Save seeds from year to year.

• Learn to Garden: Start now so you know what you're doing when you really need it.



• Learn Herbal Medicine • Wean Yourself Off Unnecessary Medications • Learn Basic First Aid: Know what to do for emergencies in case first responders are not available. 

How to Prepare for Hard Times as a Community 

• Buy Local-Now • Master One Skill Or Produce a Lot of One Thing • Make Friends with Your Neighbors So You Can Collaborate

Make your kids productive members of the household

If your children are accustomed to a life of leisure while you serve them, you might as well change that now. Living on less requires a lot of work.

What about everything else?

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of everything you would need to do to prepare for something like a hurricane, economic depression, or quarantine.

You need to consider what you can do in your own personal circumstances.

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