How to set up

A cozy home library


A home library is a luxury that anyone can have with a little creativity.  Here are some ways to create a dedicated cozy reading space in your home, whether it’s a home library or a book nook.


Dedicated room, or a dedicated space

If you don’t have any extra rooms whatsoever, then the best choice for your book collection is simply your living space. Ours lives in a corner of the family room, the only living space we have, and it works perfectly fine.


Practical shelving so the library does not become a museum

 If you want your home library to be a place for for use, and not for show, make sure that your shelves are accessible.


Cozy lighting

In a space that  has a specific function, such as a home library, make sure you have lighting that is for that task.  


Comfortable seating for the cozy home library

If you are going to curl up and read a well loved novel, you need a comfortable chair to do it in.  Keep in mind that people like their own chair to read in, not a sofa to share with someone.


A focal point for the reader

Committing to turn a room into a library changes the feel and heart of a home and sends a message to the family.  It lets them know that the home is a place for everyone to feel comfortable and that reading is valued.

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