Flowers are generally easier to grow than vegetables and unlike those fussy flower beds, a cutting garden is made to enjoy. It’s quite literally there for the taking. 

Cut gardens are usually planted in the side or back yard. You don’t need super-rich soil, but look for well-drained soil.  Choose a sunny spot with easy access to water. 

Pick the spot

Do a soil test to determine soil moisture and what is needed to make your soil healthy. 

To prep your soil for planting add organic matter such as compost and leaf litter.

Prep the soil

 Pick the flowers you enjoy. The whole purpose of this endeavor is to create something beautiful. All you have to do is pick out what you love.  

Pick your flower varieties

Plant your seeds or blooms in a crop style with rows.    

Water and weed your garden regularly. Research bugs and pests that might affect your garden.   

Plant and care for your flowers


 It’s important to keep snipping, or the flowers will stop blooming.  Most annual plants bloom more when harvested often but only cut in the early morning or late evening to prevent wilting.

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