Freezing fresh strawberries

A simple how-to

Strawberry rhubarb cobbler

The topping!

Why you'll  love it?

The filling!

Super easy to make!

Everyday ingredients

◉ strawberries  ◉ rhubarb ◉ cornstarch ◉ sugar ◉ butter

◉ vanilla ◉ salt ◉ all purpose flour ◉ baking powder ◉ egg

Make and pre-bake the filling. Combine the ingredients for the fruit filling in a large mixing bowl

Make the topping Prepare the topping while the fruit is in the oven.

Assemble and bake Remove hot filling from oven and drop the dough for the topping on the hot fruit by the tablespoonful.

Serve Cool for at least 20 minutes before serving. Serve warm or cool, with vanilla ice cream..

TIP: Rhubarb is only available in late spring and early summer and only for a brief period of time. Frozen diced rhubarb at farmer's market will work fine.

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