Complete Beginners


Ready to dive into soapmaking for beginners? 

Ready to dive into soapmaking for beginners? 

You can absolutely do this! Even if it feels confusing right now. Let’s learn how to make everything from baby soap to dish soap.

Calculate the right  amount of oils and lye.


water. digital scale. Stick Blender. Old pots. Mold. Safety gear. Essential oils

Safety for soap makers

Many people get scared and overwhelmed by the prospect of working with lye, but it doesn’t have to be scary.

After preparing everything,  make the lye water

Make sure you have a distraction-free environment and a safe place to set things aside as they cool

Measure and  melt the oils

Measure out your  oils, separately.

Let both components cool

The cooling stage will take around an hour.

Next, Blend it!

You can stop blending when your soap batter reaches “trace”.

Now, we can pour and cure!

Pour it right in and smooth out the top with a spatula.

Unmold it after 24 hours!

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