Cold process soap recipe

The best

Why you'll  love it?

Perfectly balanced between cleansing and moisturizing.

Tons of lather and big bubbles.

Suitable for beginners.

Everyday  Ingredients!

Measure  water & lye

Using a digital scale, measure out the lye and water in separate glass containers.  Combine them by adding the lye to the water.

Measure, melt, and cool the oils

While the lye solution is cooling, measure out the oils and butters and combine them in a large stainless pot.

Blend to trace

After 2 hours, check the temperature of both solutions.  They should be around 110 degrees.

Add color & fragrance & pour into mold

Add color and fragrance and stir by hand or slowly with the stick blender. Then pour everything into your prepared mold.

Cure and cut

Let the soap cure in a warm, draft-free place (such a turned-off oven that has been warmed to 140 degrees, then turned off), or wrapped in quilts.

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