Discover the joy and simplicity of raising backyard chickens! Dive into a routine that brings fresh eggs and feathered friends into your life.

Welcome To Chicken Care 101

Start your day by greeting your flock, collecting fresh eggs, and checking food and water. It's the perfect morning treasure hunt.

Morning Rituals

Keeping chickens happy is easy with daily tasks: food, water, and secure housing. Spend a few rewarding minutes each day for healthy hens.

Daily Duties Unveiled

Collecting eggs daily is not just a chore, it's an adventure. Find natural treasures in nesting boxes each morning.

Egg Collection Excitement

Routine checks and clean water are keys to your flock's health. Small efforts lead to happy, healthy chickens.

Health And Happiness

Secure your chickens at dusk to keep them safe. A nightly headcount ensures all your feathered friends are ready for bed.

Evening Round-up

Regular coop cleaning, from quick spot checks to deep cleans, keeps your chickens' home fresh and disease-free.

The Cleaning Cycle

Adapt your care routine with the seasons—ensure your chickens are warm in winter and cool in summer for year-round comfort.

Seasonal Care

Planning ensures your chickens are cared for while you're away. Reliable sitters and clear instructions mean you'll return to a happy flock.

Going On A Trip?