Dive into making your own blueberry pie filling! Perfect for pies, cheesecakes, and ice cream swirls.

Savor Summer All Year Round

What You'll Need

Just blueberries and a few pantry staples

Sweet and Tangy Syrup

Mix sugar, ClearJel, water, and lemon juice to create the perfect syrupy base for your blueberries.

A Hint of Spice

A dash of cinnamon and nutmeg adds a warm, spicy note, elevating the filling's flavor.

Canning Made Simple

Use a funnel to fill  with minimal fuss.

Processing Perfection

Seal in the goodness with a 30-minute water bath, ensuring your filling is safe and shelf-stable.

Freshness Year-Round

Properly stored, your blueberry pie filling will keep its peak quality for 12 to 18 months.

💡 Pro Tips

Use peak ripeness berries and keep everything hot for a smooth canning experience.