A Guide to White Leghorn Chickens: A Bird That Deserves a Spot in Your Flock

Thinking of getting some chickens? Definitely consider adding a few white leghorns to your flock. These popular birds are not only beautiful and friendly, but they’re also extremely productive and easy to care for.

When you’re looking for lots of eggs (as most chicken keepers are!), you can count on white leghorns to deliver.

white hen with red comb in grass field.
white leghorns at a glance:
  • reputation for being flighty (and sometimes are)
  • many large white eggs
  • rarely broody
  • not particularly cold-tolerant
  • good free rangers
  • very friendly and calm in my personal experience!

An overview of the White leghorn

White leghorns are a popular breed of chicken because they’re extremely productive and easy to care for. They’re known for laying lots of eggs, so if you need plenty of food on your table or feed for your animals, these birds will be right up your alley. Additionally, white leghorns are friendly and social birds perfect for newcomers to chicken-keeping.

If you’re looking for tasty eggs, white leghorns are your best choice. These birds lay large eggs that are ideal for baking. And because they produce such a large number of eggs each year, you’ll never have to worry about running out of supply.

These chickens will rarely go broody

three small white hens.

Broodiness is one of the reasons most chicken keepers have to cull their hens. In many cases, broodiness can even endanger a hen’s life. (Because they will stop eating and drinking, waiting for their eggs to hatch… which will never happen if they are unfertilized.) So if you’re looking for a high-laying breed that will continue laying eggs year after year, white leghorns are your best option.

300+ eggs annually

With their large size, white leghorns are known for laying a high number of eggs each year. On average, these birds can produce over 300 eggs annually, making them one of the most productive chicken breeds you can raise. Whether you’re looking to keep up with your family’s egg consumption or looking to sell extra eggs at the farmer’s market, you can count on white leghorns to deliver.

smallish chicken, but large eggs

White leghorns are a smaller breed ,but their eggs will be on the larger side This is perfect for baking, and if you’re looking to sell extra eggs at the farmer’s market or provide food for your animals and family, white leghorns will always have you covered

High energy

white chicken outside eating grass.

These birds are high-energy and love to be out and about, keeping your backyard hopping with their playful antics. So if you need some friendly companionship, get ready to welcome some white leghorns into your flock!

Beautiful plumage

With their beautiful white plumage, white leghorns are a real treat to look at. These friendly birds will always be a welcome addition to your backyard, perfect for kids and adults alike. And with their active and energetic personalities, you’ll never have to worry about your white leghorns being a burden to care for.

Some potential downsides of white leghorns:

white chicken taking dust bath.

While there are a few cons to these beautiful birds, overall, they’re one of the best choices out there.

  • They can be noisy and temperamental at times. This means they may require more space than other breeds and may not be suitable for smaller backyards or urban living environments.
  • They aren’t very cold-hardy. They have large, beautiful combs, which makes them susceptible to frostbite. (This almost always heals on its own and isn’t a huge deal, but something to keep in mind.)
  • Not everyone wants white eggs. If you’re looking for more excitement in your eggshell life, this isn’t it.

Places to get your white leghorn chickens

If you’re interested in getting white leghorn chickens for your backyard, there are a few places to look. Local feed stores and online chicken breeders are both good options to consider, as they typically carry various breeds and offer helpful advice to new chicken keepers. You can also ask around local farms or check online classifieds to see if anyone is giving away or selling white leghorns, as these are often great ways to get started with chickens. Ultimately, the best way to find white leghorns for your flock is to do some research and plan ahead so that you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your backyard and lifestyle.

What does it mean for a chicken to be flighty?

It means they’re acting a little nuts. A lightly chicken will be easily startled, run around and cause a commotion, and act like they’re being chased when they aren’t. It’s not really a problem unless the sound bothers you.

What kind of chickens lay white eggs?

Our friends the White Leghorn of course, as well as Andalusian, Polish, Ancona, Hamburg, and California White.

What breed of chicken do most commercial egg farms use?

White Leghorns! (For white eggs, that is.) That’s how you know they’re the most productive. 😊

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Overall, white leghorns are a great choice for anyone looking to add chickens to their backyard. These beautiful birds are easy to care for and extremely productive, making them an excellent choice for new and experienced chicken keepers. Whether you’re looking for tasty eggs or delicious meat, white leghorns can provide an excellent food source and plenty of fun for your entire family. So if you’re thinking of adding chickens to your backyard, be sure to consider white leghorns as a great choice for your flock!

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