7 Beautiful and Simple Free Printable Savings Trackers To Keep You Motivated

Saving money. It’s not fun. It’s not easy. But we can do our best to make it just a little more exciting. These printable savings trackers are easy to use and keep you motivated.

Coveting that fancy coffee or a new pair of leggings? Imagine yourself filling out the next square on your savings planner instead. Almost as satisfying.

Simple, stylish, and effective. (No, not the leggings!)

printed savings tracker with boxes for goals on marble counter.

Use our savings trackers to track your finances and achieve your dreams and goals. All from one little piece of paper…and a lot of self-discipline 😉.

tips for making a savings tracker really work

Downloading and printing it is one thing. Having it actually help you save money…that’s quite another.

  • Lamination for Reusability. You can laminate your tracker and use dry-erase markers on it. This way, you can reuse it next year.
  • Visibility is Key. Place your printed tracker in a visible spot, like on your fridge or bulletin board, to keep your goals in sight.
  • Regular Updates. Make it a habit to update your tracker right after you make a deposit.
  • Use a Dedicated Pen. Keep a dedicated pen or marker nearby your tracker for convenience.
  • Celebrate Milestones. Don’t forget to celebrate when you reach key milestones to stay motivated!
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$5000 Savings Challenge Tracker

This tracker lays out a 52-week challenge to help you save $5000. Every week, put a certain amount of money into your savings. Start with $20 and increase it to $190. See your balance grow without much effort.

savings challenge showing weekly amounts to depost.

Customizable Savings Challenge Tracker

A versatile tracker that allows you to set your own saving targets and timelines. The freeform design is perfect for people with different income levels or those who want more flexibility in saving.

grid of boxes on printable savings tracker.

Elegant Green Gingham Savings Tracker

Pretty and practical, this savings tracker features a stylish green gingham header. You can write your saving goals, starting balance, and deadline in this space. It helps keep your financial objectives clear and organized.

savings tracker with deadline and goal.

Pretty Stitch Savings Tracker

This tracker has a charming stitched border design and helps you keep track of your savings. This is a great option for people who like a creative style and want to manage their money well.

simple savings tracker with script headings.

Save $456 in 30 Days Tracker

A short-term savings tracker, guiding you to save $456 in one month. By adding only $1 each day, you can save for a future purchase or build a small nest egg.

image of savings tracker showing how much to save each day.

Savings Jar Tracker

This tracker is attractive and inspiring. It shows a savings jar that fills up as you get closer to your goal. It’s a tangible and fun way to see your progress, encouraging you to keep saving until you hit that 100% mark.

jar. savings tracker with percentages marked

More money-saving help:

To track your savings, you have to…you know…actually save money. These ideas will help:

Track your progress to save money and develop a habit that leads to financial freedom. These trackers make it easier to save for emergencies, vacations, or important events. They show your commitment and help you succeed. So, download your favorite design and start tracking. I wish you the very best in reaching your goals ❤️.

7 Beautiful and Simple Free Printable Savings Trackers To Keep You Motivated

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