wood pile in the snow

Saving Money Burning Wood

If you are trying to save money on your utility bills, heating your home with wood is one of the best things you can do.  But after getting your wood stove or fireplace, you can find yourself buying a lot of little things like fatwood, firestarters, and cleaners. Burning wood can indeed run up expenses of its own.  Here are some ways to start saving money burning wood and keep your cozy lifestyle going.

Is Extreme Couponing Worth It?

A look at extreme couponing and if it’s worth the time it takes. My own experience couponing, and why I eventually stopped.

I used to be an extreme couponer. I was good at it. I had envelopes of CVS receipts showing totals of $0.00 for people who didn’t believe me. I stopped in 2014 and I just opened my last package of Venus razors that I got for free. (December of 2012 the good times were really rolling on the Venus razor deals.)

The Problem with Fake Pumpkins

There is something about fall that brings out the country look everywhere. Probably some deep evolutionary response to the harvest season. Or maybe just decades of marketing. It usually starts in August, peaks in late September, and by October, Christmas has taken over.

But during those glorious days of fall advertising-season, it is all scarecrows and hay bales. And of course, pumpkins.