Saving Money Burning Wood

If you are trying to save money on your utility bills, heating your home with wood is one of the best things you can do.  But after getting your wood stove or fireplace, you can find yourself buying a lot of little things like fatwood, firestarters, and cleaners. Burning wood can indeed run up expenses of its own.  Here are some ways to start saving money burning wood and keep your cozy lifestyle going.

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How To Stop Buying Things Online You Don’t Need

Examining why we shop online for things we don’t need, with some practical solutions to stop the mindless spending.

Do you find yourself really drawn to online shopping?  I don’t want to exactly call it an addiction, but definitely a compulsion.  There is something about it that is so hard to resist.  But it can be so, so damaging, leading to credit card debt, clutter, and stress.  Today I want to share some practical ways to stop buying things online that you don’t need.

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Frugality and Consumerism Are Not Opposites

If I have any readers with any actual knowledge of economics, please feel free to correct me on anything here.

There are *certain people* in my extended family who love to give financial advice. It basically is to live as cheaply as possible, save every penny, and invest it. Eventually, you will be rich, if you are still alive, and then you’ll be happy. Because buying things doesn’t make you happy. Only having a lot of money that you don’t spend makes you happy.

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