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In the middle of a world that keeps telling you to pursue morefancieror shinier, you’re seeking less. Slower. Simpler. Homemade.

But all of those from-scratch recipes and homesteading ideas feel…well…hard.

How i can help you

Heart’s Content Farmhouse is dedicated to making things like sourdough, soapmaking, bread baking, and gardening simple and doable. You’ll find clear instructions, step-by-step photos, and plenty of videos too.

Browse tutorials for everything from homemade body lotion to easy cast-iron skillet dinners. You’ll find a focus on what’s in season, whether that means a fresh tomato salad or a peach apple pie. (Yes, there is a pie season!).

All my recipes are classic crowd-pleasers, inspired by our life in the Virginia countryside.

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Katie Shaw lives in Central Virginia with her husband, three daughters, a chocolate lab, and dozens of chickens. She is the author of Bread Baking for Teens and the founder of Heart’s Content Farmhouse LLC. Her work has been featured in publications such as Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens, and MSN.

A little about me:

I’m a self-taught baker, soapmaker, and gardener. I’ve always had my own way of doing things, and you’ll find that a lot of my recommendations and recipes are different from the norm.

I’ve never been afraid to try (and fail!) at certain things and develop a method that I think is better.

I love projects like baking a loaf of sourdough bread or making a batch of homemade lotion, but what I don’t love is the daily grind of making dinner. So you’ll find an ever-growing collection of simple dinner recipes as I discover ones that keep my family fed and free up more of my time.

I have three young daughters, ranging in age from 6 to 12, so I know what it feels like to be busy with day-to-day life but still want a special project just for yourself.

What Others are Saying:

loaf of sourdough made in bread machine on cutting board

This made a beautiful artisanal loaf of the best bread I’ve ever tasted! I love that it used the bread machine, and I loved that it was a true sourdough (no yeast). It was also pretty easy to make. I was blown away about how good this was. Sourdough is one of the most difficult breads to master, and I figured I would have to try different recipes and practice before getting it right. Nope, got a perfect loaf on my first try! 

— Amy

2 stacks of finished bar

Been making soap for 20 years and can honestly say this is the best soap I’ve ever made.


Your printables are the only ones I really use. My favorites out of so many I’ve tried. Thank you!


Fun facts: (okay not really THAT fun)

Favorite food: Nachos with fresh jalapenos and pulled pork on top

Favorite place to visit: Disney World (just for the restaurants and hotel pools)

Dislikes: driving and heights

Favorite color: white and navy blue.

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