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Bright kitchen window showcasing a homemade pie, with vintage tea pots and floral arrangements, creating an inviting atmosphere.
Pies + Cobblers
A family-style dining table fully set with dishes of home-cooked food, bathed in golden light, ready for a communal meal.
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bowl of ham and bean soup


cobbler in glass dish



close up view apple pie filling.


chicken in field of clover

Buff Orpington

A single white chicken in a grassy field, looking healthy and alert, potentially after treatment for pasty butt.

White Leghorn

Have Fresh Eggs Every Day!

With Your Own Chickens

You can keep chickens, even in a small space, and they’ll help lower your grocery bill. Learn all about my favorite breeds, whether you’re looking for productive hens, meat birds, or beautifully colored blue and green eggs.