Free Vintage Bee Printables

Free vintage bee printables: both wall art and gift tags. Cute country style to download and print for your home.

framed bee print and tag on wooden background

Everyone loves bees! Well… at least bee designs. Very few people actually love bees.

Anyway. If you’ve caught spring fever and are looking for some pretty, fresh designs, look no further. Let’s get to printing and decorating!

Need a simple gift? Try printing and framing the wall art, or finding old fashioned cutting flowers and putting them in a vase with cute printable bee tag wrapped around the outside.

How to print the wall art

Set up your printer with photo paper in either an 8 x 10 or full sheet size. Even regular printed paper will do in a pinch!

Click on the image of the printable you want. It will open as a PDF.

These files are large and are hosted on a separate site. They may take a minute or two to open!

Hit print, and make sure it’s set to 100% if you want it to print at the set size. That’s it!

Trim off any edges, frame your picture, and enjoy. These look cute as a grouped set of three, or hung individually.

My favorite frames are these classic gold leaf frames, which you can find here:

Vintage bee wall art

For a set of 3 vintage bee designs, all in 8 x 10 size, click here or the picture below.

For the same design in a 5 x 7 size, click here or the picture below.

mock up of 3 bee printables on antique style paper

how to print the tags

Set your printer with a full size sheet of card stock or thick paper. Click on the printable that you want. It should open instantly. Hit print, and you’re done!

Printable bee tags

These pretty bee tags come in two versions. One has the golden background and one is just black and white.

Black and white

This version is super handy if you don’t have a color printer. Print these on kraft-paper colored card stock and they will look rustic and adorable!

For the black and white tags, click here or on the image below.

black and white bee tags vintage design

If you have a color printer and like the antique look of the textured background, you’ll find that version by clicking here or the image below

Enjoy these free printables! I hope they help you welcome spring and cheer up your home just a little bit.

Free Vintage Bee Printables

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  1. Good morning! The bee printables came just when I was planning my Spring Garden tea party for my girlfriends. Surprise was that my theme was decided in January, and it was BEES.
    Thank you so much for such a useful printable.
    I love your emails!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. With your talent and a little work on my part this is the beginning of a December birthday gift for my son’s 35th birthday. He kept bees as a teenager. I think he will enjoy these.

    1. Diane I really admire your ability to work on a december birthday gift this time of year. Teach me your ways! And happy birthday to your son โค๏ธ

  3. Thank you for these! They are awesome! I am going to make one as a gift to friends who are beekeepers as a thank you gift. They recently presented a bee program to our after school elementary students!