13 Mouthwatering Recipes That Use Leftover Smoked Chicken


Staring at that leftover smoked chicken in your fridge and wondering what to do with it? It’s a good problem to have. There are so many amazing leftover smoked chicken recipes. They’re easy to whip up (the chicken’s already cooked!) and turn your leftovers into something new.

Soon, you’ll be smoking extra chickens just so you can make these 😉.

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There’s so much to make with smoked chicken leftovers, so turn them into something extraordinary. We’re about to embark on a journey that’ll make you look forward to leftovers every time.

Mini BBQ chicken sliders with a tangy sauce on a wooden platter, garnished with herbs.

Shredded BBQ Chicken Sliders

Get ready for game day with these BBQ Chicken Sliders! They’re not only easy to make but also incredibly tasty. Perfect for when you want a delicious meal without the fuss!

creamy enchiladas with smoked chicken, topped with sauce.

Smothered Chicken Burritos

Make Smothered Chicken Burritos for a quick and satisfying dinner on those hectic weeknights. They’re packed with grilled chicken, black beans, and melty cheese. They’re wrapped up and smothered in a zesty green chile sauce. A delicious way to make your busy evenings a bit more exciting!

chicken salad on bun with sliced onion and tomato.

Smoked Chicken Salad

Take your sandwich game to the next level with this Smoked Chicken Salad! It’s a twist on the classic. It’s made with tender smoked chicken, rich creamy dressing, and a perfect mix of seasonings. It’s bound to become your new favorite go-to for a scrumptious lunch.

skillet with creamy penne pasta.

Smoky Chicken Pasta with Cream Sauce

Creamy, flavorful, and super satisfying, this restaurant copycat is a dinner you'll make again and again.

plated casserole with. smoked chicken, rice, and. sauce.

Chicken, Broccoli, & Rice Casserole with Curry

This flavorful dish is a breeze to prepare. You can either make it in advance and freeze it for later, or bake it right away for an immediate, delightful meal. It’s versatile, delicious, and sure to become a family favorite.

salad arranged in rows of veggies.


Dive into the bold and spicy world of the Southwest Chicken Cobb Salad. It comes complete with a zesty Chipotle Lime Dressing! This hearty dinner salad brings together grilled chicken breasts, sweet corn, creamy avocado, ripe tomatoes, rich Manchego cheese, and crispy tortilla strips. It’s a flavor-packed, healthy meal that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds and fill you up!

A rustic grilled flatbread pizza topped with smoked chicken, melted cheese, pineapple chunks, and fresh spinach.

The Best Chicken Pizza Recipe

This Chicken Pizza comes together in about 30 minutes. It’s made with a bunch of grocery store shortcuts, but it still has big gourmet pizzeria flavor. Recipe includes instructions to make it either on the grill or in the oven.

A slice of chicken enchilada topped with melted cheese, sour cream, and diced tomatoes on a white plate.


Grilled Chicken Enchiladas, a Mexican-inspired feast that’s extra tasty when cooked outdoors. Juicy grilled chicken tenders are combined with a creamy, savory filling. They’re rolled up in soft tortillas. Then, they’re smothered in homemade enchilada sauce and a generous helping of cheese. It’s a deliciously melty, flavor-packed meal that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Stuffed bell peppers with chicken, corn, and melted cheese, topped with a dollop of sour cream and sliced green onions.


Creamy Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers are your ticket to a flavor-packed, family-friendly meal. They’re oven-ready in just 20 minutes! These peppers are bursting with spicy buffalo chicken goodness. They are perfect for a cozy weeknight dinner or a hit at your next potluck. Plus, they freeze well. This makes them ideal for busy days when cooking time is scarce. A delicious solution for meal prep.

A creamy chicken noodle soup topped with sliced green onions, with a focus on the egg noodles and chunks of chicken.

Creamy Crack Chicken Noodle Soup

Get ready to fall in love with this Creamy Crack Chicken Noodle Soup! It’s a homemade delight packed with loads of flavor and tender chicken, all in one pot. This soup is so delicious and comforting, it’s downright addictive. Perfect for those days when you need a warm, hearty meal that’s easy to make and satisfying to eat!

A close-up of a cheesy Mexican chicken casserole with a spoon lifting a portion to show melted cheese.

Easy Mexican Chicken Casserole

Say hello to the Cheesy Mexican Chicken Casserole. It’s a layered delight that’s sure to be a hit with the whole family! It’s not just fun to make. It’s also a fantastic way to use up smoked leftover chicken. Get ready for a dish that’s as enjoyable to prepare as it is to devour.

A croissant sandwich filled with creamy chicken salad mixed with grapes and green onions on a teal plate.

chicken salad with grapes

Smoked Chicken Salad with Grapes is the most delicious way to enjoy leftover chicken. So quick and easy to make, this smoky twist on classic chicken salad makes the perfect lunch or dinner. 

A plate of creamy chicken pasta with corn and spinach, topped with grated cheese.

Leftover Chicken Pasta

Got some leftover chicken and in need of a quick, scrumptious recipe? Look no further! Try this creamy Leftover Chicken Pasta. It’s a delightful mix of creamy cheese sauce, chunks of leftover chicken, sweet corn, and spinach. All of it is tossed with pasta. The best part? It’s ready in under 15 minutes! A perfect, hassle-free meal that’s both tasty and speedy.

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There you have it: a treasure trove of scrumptious recipes. They’ll breathe new life into your leftover smoked chicken. Whether you’ve got a cozy family dinner in mind, or you’re looking for something quick and delightful for your meal prep, these ideas are sure to satisfy. This menu has something for every palate.

13 Mouthwatering Recipes That Use Leftover Smoked Chicken

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