Certain chickens add a special touch to your egg basket with shades from aqua to robin's egg blue.

The Beauty of Blue Eggs

Discover the top five backyard chicken breeds that lay beautiful blue eggs: Ameraucana, Cream Legbar, Araucana, Azur Blue, and Easter Eggers

Meet the Breeds

Charming tufts and friendly nature, laying 200-280 medium-sized blue eggs a year. They're a delightful addition with their varied colors


Cream Legbars lay 230-270 medium to large blue eggs annually. They're perfect for families.

Cream Legbar

Araucanas stand out with their tailless appearance and ear tufts, offering 160-200 medium-sized blue eggs per year.

Cream Legbar

Developed by Hendrix Genetics, Azur Blues are known for their robustness and striking light turquoise eggs, blending productivity with beauty

Azur Blue

Laying eggs in shades of blue, green, and more. Each bird is unique, making your egg basket a work of art

Easter Eggers: A Colorful Surprise

Why Blue Eggs?

Though nutritionally similar to other eggs, their unique color brings joy.

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