Learn how to grow sunflowers in your backyard for flowers, seeds, or just for fun. 

There are two main families of sunflowers: single stem and branching. They both produce sunflowers but otherwise are quite different.

Picking the right variety

My recommendation? Plant some of each! 

Plant sunflowers after the first frost, and keep planting until early summer for the most extended harvest period. 

Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. 

Start with sunflower seedS

 Spacing your plants depends on the type. Check your seed packet for specifics   

 Make an indentation in the soil with your finger or trowel. Drop in 2-3 seeds then cover.  



Sunflower seedlings are easy to care for. Water during dry periods, but don’t fertilize.  Most garden fertilizers contain too much nitrogen and will lead to few blooms. Sunflowers thrive on just a little neglect.  

care for your flowers

pests, diseases, and other problems

Research about the pests and diseases to watch out for in your area.  

Again, growing sunflowers are easy, and problems are unusual, but it's good to know what to watch for.  


I prefer harvesting just before sunset because the garden is dry (it is often very wet with dew in the mornings).   

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