21 Ways to Have a Perfectly Nostalgic Grandmacore Spring

From baking with heirloom recipes to dressing in soft, floral patterns, spring is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the pretty, simple things of life. Here’s how to incorporate grandmacore spring vibes in your home for the prettiest season ever.

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Changing things for the season is one of the most fun elements of homemaking. This isn’t a boring to-do list. Everything here should feel light and fun.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s All About the Garden: Even if you don’t have one, let the concept inspire you and bring the outdoors in.
  • Lace and Florals: White lace curtains, floral quilts, and beautiful botanicals will all add springtime beauty.
  • Spring Cleaning: This is the season to make your house feel fresh and new, and that doesn’t mean buying anything.
  • Hobbies: Reading, tea parties, picnics, and garden parties bring the best of the past into today.

The Grandmacore Garden

For our grandmothers, spring meant gardening. It doesn’t have to be a classic backyard plot with rows of vegetables. Your spring gardening can just be going outside and cutting those first early wildflowers. It can be planting basil and rosemary in beautiful terracotta pots. Or it can just be heading to a farmer’s market and buying those first spring greens.

flower bed with pathway and gray house.

Just be sure to take advantage of what spring really signifier: growing, greenery, outside time, and a new start.

1. Choose heirloom flowers and vegetables

When you choose heirloom flowers and vegetables for your garden, you’re not just planting; you’re preserving history. These seeds have been passed down through generations. Think of planting sweet peas for their delicate blooms that grandma loved or tomatoes that taste like summer at your grandparents’ house.

2. Garden like a grandma: classic garden care

Start with the basics: good soil, a bit of planning, and a whole lot of love. Your vegetable garden can become a money pit, or you can keep it frugal and simple. Try these old-fashioned methods for caring for your plants.

A garden scene with blooming flowers, a vintage watering can, and gardening tools on a wooden bench.
  • Talking to your plants: Yes, it might sound like something out of a fairy tale, but there’s something wonderfully nurturing about chatting with your green friends. It’s about more than carbon dioxide; it’s about connection and care.
  • Fertilizing with eggshells: Crushed eggshells add calcium to the soil, promoting plant health, especially for tomatoes and peppers. It’s a fantastic way to recycle kitchen waste into something beneficial for your garden.
  • Using compost for nutrient-rich soil: Before chemical fertilizers, there was compost. Kitchen scraps, yard waste, and even old newspapers can turn into gold for your garden, enriching the soil naturally.
  • Planting marigolds for pest control: Marigolds are not just pretty; they’re powerhouses when it comes to deterring pests. Planting them around your garden can help keep unwanted visitors at bay, the natural way.
  • Mulching with straw or grass clippings: Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and add nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes. Plus, it’s making the most of what you already have.
  • Hand-pulling weeds: Before herbicides, there was the trusty old method of getting down and dirty to pull weeds. It’s labor-intensive but incredibly effective and satisfying.
  • Encouraging beneficial insects: Inviting ladybugs, bees, and other beneficial insects into your garden is a natural way to combat pests and promote pollination.
  • Pruning with care: The art of pruning by hand, with shears sharpened by your own hand, not only allows for precise cuts but also connects you directly with the growth and health of your plants.
  • Using natural remedies for plant diseases: Before synthetic fungicides and pesticides, gardeners relied on solutions like baking soda sprays for fungal diseases and hand-picking pests off plants.

Stop looking for ways to make gardening easier and more hands-off. Instead, accept that it’s a lot of work and that the work can be enjoyable. Get out there.

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3. Add nostalgic garden elements

Your garden shouldn’t be sleek and stylish. Warm it up with some of these elements that will put a smile on your face.

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  • Vintage bird baths: A classic stone or metal bird bath not only invites feathered friends into your garden but also adds a timeless elegance.
  • Rustic garden benches: A weathered wooden bench tucked under a tree or amidst your flowerbeds offers a quaint spot for contemplation and relaxation.
  • Wrought iron gates and trellises: Incorporating ornate ironwork adds a romantic, old-world charm to your garden, supporting climbing roses or ivy.
  • Antique garden tools as décor: Hang old garden tools, like hand rakes, spades, or watering cans, on a fence or shed wall for a touch of rustic flair.
  • Whimsical wind chimes: Choose wind chimes with a vintage look or melodious tone to add a soothing, auditory element to your garden.
  • Classic sundials: A sundial is not only a nod to ancient timekeeping but also serves as an intriguing focal point in garden design.
  • Old-fashioned lanterns: Scatter lanterns or install lampposts that mimic gas lighting to illuminate paths with a warm, inviting glow.
  • Stone statues and figurines: Adding statues of cherubs, animals, or mythical creatures among your plants can create enchanting vignettes.
  • Weathered wooden signs: Hand-paint signs with the names of your garden areas or favorite quotes about nature on reclaimed wood for a personal touch.
  • Repurposed items as planters: Old teapots, boots, or even bathtubs can be repurposed into unique planters, blending utility with whimsy.

Many of these are extremely out of fashion. Good! You can find them cheap and your house won’t look like everyone else’s!

Spring Cleaning: A Grandmacore Approach

Open windows, fresh spaces, and a home that blends indoors and out. This is the only time of year when cleaning feels fun, so you might as well enjoy it.

4. Declutter with heart

It’s not about the frantic purging of possessions or the sterile perfection of modern minimalism. It’s about cherishing the old, making room for the meaningful, and cleaning in a way that’s kind to both our homes and the planet.

A close-up of pressed flowers arranged in a decorative frame, adding a touch of nature to a wall.

Most of what needs to be decluttered in our home is modern junk. Don’t throw out old things just because you’re in spring cleaning mode. Almost all of them are beautiful and useful.

Think twice before tossing out that old vase or stack of linen napkins. Can the vase be repurposed for a new bouquet of spring flowers? Could those napkins see the light of day at your next family dinner?

5. Make natural cleaners

Lemon, vinegar, baking soda—these simple ingredients can tackle almost any cleaning task, from brightening whites to making glass sparkle. Mixing up a batch of lemon-scented cleaner or a gentle, baking soda-based scrub makes cleaning a more personal, thoughtful act.

A vintage-style apron hanging on a hook in a kitchen, surrounded by cooking utensils and fresh produce.

Here’s a list of simple, effective mixes you can try out:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner: Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Works wonders on countertops, windows, and most surfaces. If you’re not a fan of the vinegar smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
  • Glass Cleaner: Combine 2 cups water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol (70% concentration) for streak-free windows and mirrors.
  • Scrub for Tough Grime: Make a paste with baking soda and water for a powerful scrub that can tackle bathroom and kitchen grime without scratching surfaces.
  • Wood Polish: Mix 1 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup lemon juice for a natural, shiny finish on wood furniture. Apply with a soft cloth and buff gently.
  • Carpet Stain Remover: Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray on stains, let sit for a few minutes, then clean with a brush or cloth.
  • Drain Cleaner: Pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup vinegar. Cover and let it fizz for a few minutes, then flush with hot water to clear clogs.
  • Mold and Mildew Remover: Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray on moldy areas, wait an hour, then rinse or scrub away.
  • Fabric Softener: Use 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle of your wash to soften clothes naturally. Don’t worry; the vinegar smell will vanish once the clothes are dry.
  • Lemon Disposal Cleaner: Toss a few lemon peels into your garbage disposal and run it with water for a fresh, clean scent.
  • Floor Cleaner: For tile or vinyl floors, mix 1 cup vinegar in a gallon of hot water. For wood floors, swap the vinegar for a mild dish soap.

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These homemade cleaners are a snap to make and bring a touch of the good old days back into your cleaning routine. They’re a fantastic way to clean up from winter while looking forward to the brighter, lighter days ahead.

In the Kitchen: Baking and Cooking with Soul

Embracing grandmacore in the kitchen means slowing down and savoring the art of cooking and baking with soul.

6. Bake something pretty

Spring is the perfect time to get back to basics and bake bread like our grandparents did. It’s not about rushing or having the latest kitchen gadget. It’s about enjoying the process, taking your time, and putting a bit of love into each loaf.

A kitchen scene with freshly baked scones on a plate, accompanied by a teapot and floral tea cups.

There are so many springtime baking ideas, even if you don’t want to try bread baking. Don’t let winter have all the fun.

Here’s a list of spring-themed baking ideas to get you started. These treats are perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon or sharing with friends and family at a spring gathering.

  • Strawberry Sweet Rolls: Imagine soft, fluffy rolls filled with sweet strawberry jam, perfect for a special weekend breakfast.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins: These zesty muffins are like a bite of sunshine, ideal for a quick snack or a light breakfast.
  • Rhubarb Pie: Tangy rhubarb encased in a buttery crust – it’s a classic spring dessert that never gets old.
  • Lavender Honey Cookies: Delicate cookies flavored with lavender and sweetened with honey, capturing the essence of spring in every bite.
  • Pea and Mint Quiche: A savory option for those who love baking but want something a bit different. Fresh peas and mint make this quiche refreshingly spring-like.
  • Blueberry Lemon Bread: A moist, tangy bread studded with fresh blueberries, great for an afternoon treat.
  • Asparagus and Goat Cheese Tart: Another savory delight, featuring spring asparagus and creamy goat cheese on a flaky tart crust.

These baking ideas are a great way to bring a bit of that springtime renewal into your kitchen.

7. Make a springtime jam or jelly

Making jams with spring’s fresh produce is really a special thing. It’s like bottling up all the brightness and freshness of the season. It’s a reminder of the simpler times when eating seasonally wasn’t a trend, it was just how things were done.

A stack of homemade jam jars with handwritten labels, surrounded by fresh strawberries and flowers.

Some canning projects perfect for this spring:

  • Strawberry Preserves: A classic favorite. There’s nothing like slathering homemade strawberry jam on your morning toast.
  • Dandelion Jelly: Yep, those yellow flowers in your yard can be turned into a sweet, honey-like jelly. It’s spring in a jar.
  • Rhubarb Chutney: Tangy and a bit spicy, this is perfect with grilled meats or as a cheese board addition.
  • Pickled Asparagus: Crunchy, tangy, and great as a snack or chopped into a spring salad.
  • Mint Jelly: Fresh and vibrant, it’s amazing with lamb or spread on crackers.
  • Lemon Curd: Thick, creamy, and bursting with citrus flavor, lemon curd is a dream on scones or as a cake filling.
  • Violet Syrup: Beautifully purple, sweet, and floral, it’s perfect for adding a splash of color and flavor to cocktails or lemonade.

Spring canning is all about capturing the freshness and flavors of the season. There’s something super satisfying about seeing all those jars lined up, knowing you’ve got a little bit of spring waiting for you any time of the year.

Grandmacore Crafts: Creating with Love

It’s all about creating something with a whole lot of heart, just like our grandmas used to do. Whether it’s knitting a cozy scarf or pressing flowers into a scrapbook, these crafts are about putting a piece of yourself into what you’re making and sharing that warmth with the people around you.

8.Knit or crochet with spring colors

Picking up knitting or crocheting as the weather gets nicer is such a cool way to chill and make something unique at the same time. Whether you’re making a light scarf for those slightly chilly evenings or a colorful blanket for picnics, there’s something super rewarding about seeing your project come together, stitch by stitch.

A close-up of a hand knitting a pastel-colored scarf with knitting needles.

Try one of these ideas:

  • Open Weave Pale Pink Scarf: Light and airy, perfect for those slightly chilly spring mornings. The pale pink adds a soft touch of color to your outfit.
  • Lacy Cotton Shawl: Crochet a delicate shawl in a light cotton yarn. Choose a pastel color or keep it classic in white for a piece that’s both cozy and chic.
  • Brightly Colored Flower Brooches: Knit or crochet small flowers and attach them to brooch pins. They’re a fun way to add a pop of spring color to jackets or bags.
  • Sunshine Yellow Baby Blanket: Welcome any spring babies with a soft, cuddly blanket knitted in a sunny yellow, sure to brighten up any nursery.
  • Crochet Market Tote: Make a sturdy yet stylish tote bag for all your spring farmers’ market visits. Go for vibrant colors to reflect the season’s energy.

It’s like a nod to all those before us who’ve done the same, reminding us to take it easy and enjoy creating something from scratch.

9. Make something with pressed flowers

There’s something really special about pressing flowers. It’s like freezing a moment in time, but in the most beautiful way. Mixing in pressed flowers with photos or notes is such a personal way to keep track of the memories that matter most to us.

  • Frame Them: Pop your pressed flowers into frames for a simple, beautiful piece of wall art. Mix and match different flowers for a gallery wall vibe.
  • Custom Greeting Cards: Glue them onto cards for a special, handmade touch on birthdays, thank you notes, or just because.
  • Candle Making: Embed pressed flowers around the outside of candles for a beautiful, natural look that lights up any room.
  • Decorating Notebooks or Journals: Add a personal touch to your stationery by gluing pressed flowers on the covers.
  • Transparent Bookmarks: Sandwich pressed flowers between two pieces of clear contact paper for a durable, see-through bookmark.
  • Table Place Cards: Use them to decorate place cards for a dinner party or wedding for an elegant, natural touch.

In a world that’s all about digital, taking the time to physically put these together feels extra meaningful.

10. Have a spring tea party

Having a tea party isn’t just about drinking tea; it’s about slowing down and enjoying the moment. Throwing a tea party with that grandmacore touch means pulling out all the stops – think vintage teacups, homemade goodies, and real conversations.

A serene outdoor tea party setup with a lace tablecloth, floral china tea cups, and a teapot on a rustic table.
  • Vintage Tableware: Break out the lace tablecloths, floral china, and those fancy teacups you never use. Mixing and matching patterns can add charm.
  • Homemade Scones and Jams: Bake some scones and serve them with homemade or artisan jams. Don’t forget clotted cream if you can find it!
  • A Variety of Teas: Offer a selection of loose-leaf teas, including classic black tea, green tea, and some herbal options for non-caffeine drinkers.
  • Fresh Flower Centerpieces: Pick some wildflowers or make arrangements from your garden blooms to decorate the table.
  • Finger Sandwiches: Prepare a few types of finger sandwiches, like cucumber, egg salad, and smoked salmon with cream cheese.
  • Old-Fashioned Desserts: Think lemon bars, Victoria sponge cake, or petit fours. Anything dainty and sweet will do the trick.
  • Tea Party Attire: Encourage your guests to dress in their spring best or even in vintage or grandmacore-inspired outfits.
  • Background Music: Create a playlist of soft, vintage tunes or classical music to set the mood without overpowering conversation.
  • Tea-Infused Cocktails: For a modern twist, offer a tea-infused cocktail or two, like Earl Grey martinis or jasmine tea gimlets.
  • Crafting Corner: Set up a small area where guests can try their hand at a simple craft, like making bookmarks or pressing flowers, adding a hands-on, nostalgic activity to your party.

It’s a sweet way to celebrate the season and make everyone feel special. It’s like bringing a piece of the past into today, but in a way that feels totally fresh and fun.

11. Make a reading nook and enjoy a good classic

Setting up a spot just for reading is a dream for anyone who loves getting lost in stories. It doesn’t take much – just a comfy place to sit and good light. Then, stack it with classics from authors like Jane Austen or Louisa May Alcott, and you’ve got the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle.

A cozy living room with floral-patterned cushions and a vintage teapot on a wooden table.

It brings a bit of the past into our modern lives, reminding us to appreciate the beauty in the everyday.

Grandmacore Home Décor: Sprucing Up Your Space

Embracing grandmacore home décor is about creating a place where every item tells a story. It’s about the comfort found in the familiar. You can also check on fresh ideas for spring decor from this guide.

12. Decorate with floral patterns

Floral patterns, whether on wallpaper, upholstery, or even a simple throw pillow, add a touch of softness that’s classic grandmacore.

pretty spring living room with fireplace and flowers.

Here’s how you can sprinkle some floral fun into your home and personal style:

  • Throw Pillows: Swap out your regular pillows for some with bright floral prints to instantly liven up your living room or bedroom.
  • Wallpaper: Consider a floral wallpaper for a feature wall in your home. It can transform the space into a vibrant, inviting area.
  • Bedding: A floral duvet cover or bedspread is a sweet way to bring spring into your bedroom.
  • Curtains: Light, airy curtains with a subtle floral print can add a soft, romantic touch to any room.
  • Dresses: A floral dress is a spring wardrobe staple. Perfect for any occasion, it’s an easy way to feel put together.
  • Scarves: If you’re not ready for a full floral outfit, a floral scarf can add just the right pop of pattern to a simple look.
  • Tablecloths and Napkins: For a spring refresh of your dining area, floral tablecloths and napkins are a lovely touch.
  • Phone Cases: A floral phone case is a small, fun way to carry a bit of spring with you everywhere.
  • Tote Bags: A floral tote is not just practical for carrying your essentials; it’s also a stylish accessory.
  • Art Prints: Hang some floral art prints or canvases to brighten up your walls without the commitment of wallpaper.

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They bring a bit of the outdoors inside and add a cheerful vibe to your day.

You can also get ideas on how to brighten your home from this guide.

13. Try some real DIYs

All these ideas can help you create a super cozy home that you’ve created yourself

  • Sewing vintage-style aprons: Get some retro fabric and sew an apron. It’s both practical and stylish for your kitchen adventures.
  • Building a book nook: Find a corner and add shelves for books, a comfy chair, and a reading lamp. It’s the perfect spot to curl up with a classic.
  • Refurbishing an old piece of furniture: Take an old piece of furniture and give it new life with some paint and new hardware. It’s a great way to add character to your room.
  • Making your own herbal sachets: Fill small fabric pouches with dried lavender or your favorite herbs. They’re great for drawers or closets.
  • Crafting a quilt from old clothes: Cut up old clothes with sentimental value and piece them together into a quilt. It’s a cozy, personal keepsake.
  • Planting an indoor herb garden in vintage teacups: Use old teacups to plant herbs. They make cute, functional decorations for a kitchen window.
  • Assembling a photo wall with antique frames: Collect some antique frames and fill them with family photos or vintage prints. It creates a personalized gallery wall.

Adding these DIY touches not only makes your space feel more personal. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your personality and the stories that matter to you in your home.

14. Add more spring touches

When it comes to sprucing up your place for spring with that cozy grandma vibe, think about adding some cute touches that make everyone feel right at home.

  • Baby animals. A spring classic for a reason. You can find some pretty neat pictures or even small statues of ducklings, lambs, or bunnies. Hanging a couple of those pictures on your walls or putting a statue on a shelf can really make your place feel like spring has sprung.
  • Lace. It’s got that old-school charm that can lighten up any room. Swapping out those heavy curtains for some light lace ones can really change the feel of a room, letting in more light and adding a soft touch. And it’s not just for windows—lace tablecloths or doilies can give your tables and shelves a mini makeover too.
  • Greenery. Don’t forget about the power of plants and flowers. Nothing says spring like fresh flowers in a vase or some new green buddies in pots around your place. Mixing real flowers with some high-quality fake ones is completely fine.

Just think about adding bits and pieces that make you feel happy and at ease. It’s all about creating a home where you can kick back, relax, and maybe feel a bit nostalgic.

More Grandmacore Resources

This is a growing trend, but it’s also a classic, and there is already lots of information about it. Here’s more to explore.

Hopefully, you’re walking away with some inspiration to make this spring a little more special and a lot more grandmacore. Remember, it’s not about making everything perfect. It’s about creating a space and a lifestyle that feels like you—full of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. Have a beautiful season!

21 Ways to Have a Perfectly Nostalgic Grandmacore Spring

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