“Hello, My Name Is” Printable Tags

Our printable name tags come in four distinct styles, each with the friendly greeting, “Hello, my name is.” Designed with everyone in mind, these name tags are not just a tool for introduction but a way to make every new encounter a little more personal and a lot more engaging.

Look below the image of the printable you want and you’ll find a link to download.

printed name tags on white wood surface.

Sleek & Simple Name Tag

This printable name tag has a sleek and straightforward design with a dotted border, perfect for professional settings where a clean and uncluttered appearance is appreciated.

Printable name tags with 'Hello, My Name Is' in a clean, sans-serif font, bordered by a dotted line on a white background, indicating a place to write a name.

Plaid Perfection Name Tag

Embrace a touch of classic charm with our Plaid Perfection name tags. The cozy plaid borders in soft greens and warm reds feel comfortable and familiar, ideal for community meet-ups or casual business events.

"Printable name tags bordered with plaid patterns in shades of green and red, featuring 'Hello, My Name Is' centered at the top with a spacious area below for personalization.

Floral Whimsy Name Tag

Float into any social event with our Floral Whimsy name tags. Delicate florals and soft pastel backgrounds add a gentle personal touch, making them perfect for weddings, baby showers, or any gathering that calls for a dash of natural beauty.

Printable name tags adorned with soft watercolor floral designs at the corners, with 'Hello, My Name Is' in a gentle script, set against a pastel pink and blue background.

Bold Lines Name Tag

Make a statement with our Bold Lines name tags, featuring striking striped and checked borders that stand out. These tags are a fantastic fit for creative workshops or events where a vibrant personality is part of the introduction.

"Printable name tags with bold, striped borders in blue, red, and purple, framing the 'Hello, My Name Is' text, set against a stark white backdrop for clarity and contrast.

Tips for printing name tags

Getting your printable name tags ready should be a breeze! Here’s how to make the most out of your printables without any fuss:

  • Choose the Right Paper: For durability, print on sticker paper or cardstock depending on your needs. Sticker paper works great for easy application, while cardstock is ideal if you plan to laminate.
  • Check Your Printer Settings: Make sure to set your printer to the highest quality setting for the best print and to select the correct paper type.
  • Use a Sharp Blade: If cutting out the tags, use a craft knife or scissors for precision. A straight edge or a ruler can help guide you to get those perfectly straight lines.
  • Consider Lamination: If you opt for cardstock and need your tags to last, lamination is the way to go. This is especially helpful for events where the tags may be handled frequently.

More Friendly Printables

I have lots of cheerful printables to share with you, including some more name tags.

With a few quick steps, you can have professional-looking, personalized name tags that make every introduction special. Happy printing, and enjoy your event!

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