Why Adding a Weekly Laundry Day to Your Routine Makes Your Days Easier

Inside: How to add a designated laundry day to your housekeeping routine to help you tackle one of the homemaker’s most dreaded chores. Yes, this strategy helps even if you do laundry every day

It’s not the washing and drying you hate. It’s not even the folding. It’s the putting away, the sorting, missing socks, the weird things that have no home. And most of all, it’s the never-endingness of it all. I know. I know.

But here’s a solution: one day a week, wash your linens, towels, and any special items needed for events coming up. Do mending and ironing, check your supplies, and tidy up your laundry space.

But! (This is important!) You should still do a load per day to keep up (or if your family is smaller, a load whenever you have a full basket). This is the bare minimum to keep things from descending into chaos. Your daily load maintains, your laundry day helps you get ahead

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Why Laundry Day Works

  • It allows you to proactively get a lot of clothes and linens clean. You will no longer suddenly realize your guest room sheets are dirty right before company is due, or that the baby is out of pajamas right after her bath. You will address this head-on and take care of it before its an emergency.
  • It frees up other days for other projects. Laundry can be tiring and time-consuming. If you try to get it done on the same day you have a doctor’s appointment or a day of freezer cooking planner, you can get run down.
  • It gives a you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that the laundry is done, even if that’s not exactly true all the time!

Getting Started

Pick a Day. Monday is the classic laundry day for many people. Ma Ingalls washed her clothes on Monday, and if you can’t pick a day, Monday is a great choice.

Why? Well, Monday feels like a fresh start and a fresh start calls for clean clothes and clean sheets. Families also tend to be home a lot on Monday’s after busy weekends, which makes a home-based chore like laundry a great choice.

Adding a laundry day to your routine is easy. Pick a day and start washing stuff. Start with the sheets and towels, then move on to any lingering clothes if there’s time.

If you pick a day and it’s not working, change it! Routines exist to help you, not trap you.

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Decide on Your Tasks. There are plenty of laundry tasks in the world, but they don’t have to all be done in one day. Here are some ideas, but you probably can’t do them all!

  • Wash the bedding and towels
  • Wash clothes
  • Wash kitchen towels and dish rags
  • Wash bathmats
  • Wipe down the washer and dryer
  • Soak stained clothing
  • Organize the laundry room shelving
  • Iron

But don’t “save” your laundry!

Every time you have a full load of laundry to do, you should do it. Confused? Bear with me here. A little-known secret is that when you hate a chore, you should actually do it more, not less. Chipping away at it a little bit at a time keeps it small and manageable. Make a load a day a quick part of your daily homemaking routine.

If seems unnecessary, look at the list above of ALL the laundry-related tasks in the world. You still need to work on them when you can to keep it from overwhelming you. Laundry day just helps you get ahead.

How to Make This Easier

Sometimes having a themed housekeeping day makes things feel like more work, and that is not what we’re going for! We’re trying to make the whole routine of laundry easier.

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  • Stop washing clean clothes! Hang up church clothes to be worn again.  Kids clothes can be worn a few times unless they are actually dirty.
  • Eliminate extra bedding. Ditch the extra “stuff” that has to be folded and stored. You only really need ONE set of sheets per bed. Wash them and put them right back on.
  • Less clothing =  less to wash. Children especially will do fine with a minimal wardrobe (and so will you!)
  • Declutter laundry supplies. You only need a detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets. That’s it! Even babies clothing will usually be fine with regular detergent and an extra rinse.
  • Wash clothes by person, not by color. Of course grandma would be shocked by this, but with a few exceptions, it’s not really necessary to sort clothes by color. And the simplest way to sort clothes is by person.
  • Delegate. Some great tasks for even the smallest helpers include checking pockets, moving clothes to the dryer, wiping down the machines with a damp cloth, and cleaning out the lint trap.

No more sorting!

Give everyone their own laundry basket to keep in their room. When it’s full, wash it. Return the dry, folded clothing to that same basket and bring it back to their bedroom. Easy. Do this throughout the week, and your laundry day will stay as intended: a day to wash linens, clean the laundry room, and get ahead!

No one loves doing laundry—well, probably someone does—but you can make it as enjoyable as possible.

How to Enjoy Doing Laundry (Sort Of.)

Keep your space neat. Before you get started, and as you work, tidy up the space you are in. If your washer and dryer are in your mudroom, tidy up the shoes and coats before you begin. It makes an amazing difference in your attitude when you are in a messy room vs. a neat one.

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Make it pretty. If you can invest in some pretty containers for your supplies, do it! Powdered detergent and laundry pods look nicer in glass jars. Dryer sheets can lay flat in a small tray or basket.

If you make your own stain removal soap, you’ll have pretty bars you can put on the shelf. When the everyday things of life are beautiful, you don’t need any more decorations.

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Have a good attitude

Perfection is not the goal. Laundry is a never-ending task. Done is better than perfect, but laundry will never be done (or perfect). We’re just trying to keep our routines moving and get ahead when we can.

At the risk of sounding preachy, keep this in mind: doing laundry is an act of service to people you love. Not everyone in the world has a family, or a working washing machine, or lots of clothes to wear. Make the best of it and count your blessings. And don’t forget a job well done is its own reward.

Why Adding a Weekly Laundry Day to Your Routine  Makes Your Days Easier

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  1. Sorry, but you do not need only one set of sheets per bed. The best idea is to have three: one for the bed, one for the wash, and one for spare. This is in case of illness or accidents and the linen needing to be changed in a hurry. It happens. At the very least, two will suffice.

    Dryer sheets are not necessary. Vinegar will help to soften and get rid of static. A good cool rinse helps too afterward. Dryer sheets are nothing but plastic coating, and in time wear on the towels ability to absorb. Not good for the environment either. It is important in my opinion to care of our world. It is where we, and other creatures, live.

  2. Hi Kate, I guess I’m in the minority, I love doing laundry. It’s a great chance to do something for my family. Every time they put on a clean shirt, with no stains, they are happy. And that makes me happy. It’s also peaceful. My daughter sorts her laundry for me and what a chance to talk with her, one on one!! We might start talking about a stain, but then we talk about how it got there, ( that joke at lunch that had everyone laughing so hard she dropped her sandwich) and end up with a moment. There is something very satisfying taking a pile of dirty smelly clothes and turning it into a fresh clean neatly folded pile. My laundry area does have a nice rug, good paint and is very functional and pretty.