6 Gorgeous and Free Old Fashioned Christmas Wall Art Printables

Are you looking for some simple and pretty holiday charm? You’ll love this free old-fashioned Christmas wall art. I’ve created six beautiful watercolor designs that are easy to print and hang.

Perfect for anyone wanting a touch of vintage charm this Christmas.

framed watercolor of house with red truck.

The links to all the files are at the bottom of the post. There are full-sheet PDFs with a 5×7 image in the center.

Materials You’ll Need

Glossy photo paper: This one’s shiny and makes the colors pop! If you want something that catches the eye, this is it. This is my preferred choice for wall art.

Heavy cardstock: A sturdy option. It’s thick and won’t easily wrinkle, making it great for framing. This look has a bit more texture.

 Epson Premium Photo Paper GLOSSY (8.5×11 Inches, 50 Sheets) (S041667),White Icona Bay 8×10 Gold Picture Frame with Removable Mat for 5×7 Photo, Modern Style Wood Composite Frame, Table Top or Wall Mount, Bliss Collection Picture Frame Hooks Supports Up to 50 lbs – 20Pack with Nails Picture Hanging Hooks for Drywall – Mirror Hanging Hardware,Plaster Wall Picture Hangers,Picture Hooks for Hanging with Nails on Drywall


Ink: Just a heads-up, the quality of ink matters. Use good ink; it’ll make your art look richer and last longer. Trust me, you don’t want colors that fade after a few months!

Frame (Optional): While you can totally tape or pin your art to the wall, framing it gives a polished touch. Choose a frame that complements both the art and your room’s vibe. I prefer an 8×10 frame a 5×7 mat.

How to Print Your Wall Art

Choosing the Right Printer Settings: Okay, before you hit that ‘print’ button, check your printer settings. It makes a big difference.

DPI (dots per inch) settings: Aim for a high DPI, like 300. The higher, the clearer your print will be.

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Choosing the right paper type in settings: Make sure to match it to the paper you’re using. So, if you’re using matte paper, select that.

Size Matters: For 5 x 7 prints, print at 100% size. You can of course increase or reduce the size if you have a frame that works!

Links to Files

Each link goes to a Google Drive file. I recommend that you download the file first, then print!

More beautiful wall art:

I love botanicals and watercolors so I hope you do too 😉.

framed christmas watercolor on marble background.

Whether you’re sprucing up your own space or gifting a slice of holiday nostalgia to someone special, these printables are sure to spread joy. I hope you enjoy these watercolors and that you have a beautiful holiday season.

6 Gorgeous and Free Old Fashioned Christmas Wall Art Printables

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  1. Greetings!
    I live in New Zealand and our Christmas days with ‘middle of the day meals’ are laid on our table out the back of our home. We have a shade cloth over a pergola and it is usually quite hot as it is midsummer time here in the southern hemisphere.
    The meal is normally lighter fare with cold ham or other choice of cold cuts, varieties of vegetable salads and summer desert choices. In more recent years many folk barbeque meats or fresh fish instead, but the summer salad still accompanies whatever is chosen. When we were young our mother and aunts used to cook over their hot woodfire stoves and we’d have the more traditional hot roast of some sort but now it is the lighter choices.
    Now many families travel to the beaches which are not too distanced from anywhere we live (take a look on the google map of the country)…And many will stay there for at least a week or more as most take their summer break from work then – through to February.
    One of the popular summer desserts is Pavlova which is whipped egg whites and sugar slow cooked in a coolish oven and served later laden with whipped cream and berries of some description…a fruit salad may accompany this concoction.
    In winter we may choose to have a midwinter meal with friends or relatives but not any gifts shared as with Christmas Day.