Peaches and Cream Cocktail Recipe

Sweet, creamy, and absolutely delightful. This cocktail mixes up quickly and is a dessert and drink in one.

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❤️ Why you’ll love this recipe

  • It’s a fun and tasty way to enjoy fresh summer peaches.
  • Super quick and easy to make – you just need 10 minutes.
  • The combination of cream and vodka offers a unique and indulgent cocktail experience.
  • It’s perfect for summer parties, get-togethers, or just a chilled-out evening at home.

This is an overview of the ingredients. You’ll find the full measurements and instructions in the printable recipe at the bottom of the page.

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You’ll need the following for this summer drink:

  • Whipped cream vodka
  • Fresh peach
  • Sugar
  • Heavy cream or half and half
  • Ice
  • Fresh mint (optional)


Step One: prepping the peach

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you can find the pig measuring spoon here!

Start off by quartering your peach and removing the stone. Chop up the succulent peach flesh into little bits.

Toss these peach bits into your cocktail shaker and sprinkle some sugar over them. Now comes the fun part – muddling! Using a muddler or the end of a wooden spoon, crush those juicy peach chunks till you have a peachy puree at the bottom of your shaker.

Step Two

cocktail shaker before and after pouring.
this lid turns a mason jar into a cocktail shaker

Now, pour in your whipped cream vodka and half & half into the shaker. Drop in some ice cubes, seal that lid tight, and shake it for a good 15-20 seconds. You want all those flavors to mingle and chill out together.

Once your cocktail’s shaken up, it’s time to serve. Pour it out into a glass, making sure to get all the ice and peachy bits. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf or a peach slice if you’d like, and serve right away.

🥫 Storage instructions

This drink does NOT store well. Just drink it!

🔍 FAQs

What if I don’t have whipped cream vodka?

Vanilla is fine. But you should get some! It’s good!

Can I use canned peaches instead of fresh ones?

Absolutely! While fresh peaches give this cocktail a distinct summery vibe, you can definitely use canned peaches when fresh ones are hard to come by.

What if I don’t have a shaker?

No biggie. Just stir well and make it right in the glass. One less thing to wash.

👩🏻‍🍳 Expert tips

  • Choose ripe, juicy peaches for the best flavor.
  • Don’t skip the muddling part – it really brings out the peach flavor.
  • Shake the cocktail shaker vigorously to ensure all the flavors meld together well.

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📖 Here’s the recipe

creamy peach drink in mason jar.

Peaches and Cream Cocktail

Sweet, creamy, and perfectly summery, this is a dessert-like cocktail with sweet peaches and fresh cream. Increase the number of servings at the bottom of the recipe to make more.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Serving Size 1


  • Cocktail shaker


  • 2 ounces whipped cream vodka
  • 1 fresh peach
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 oz heavy cream or half and half
  • ice
  • fresh mint optional, for garnish


  • Prep and muddle the peach. Cut the peach into quarters, remove the stone, and then chop the peach flesh into small chunks. Place the peach chunks and sugar into a cocktail shaker. Use a muddler or the end of a wooden spoon to crush the peach chunks and release their juice. Aim to get as much juice out as you can. This should create a sort of peach puree at the bottom of your shaker.
  • Add remaining ingredients and shake: Add the whipped cream vodka, and half & half to the cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker with ice. Secure the lid tightly and then shake the cocktail for around 15-20 seconds. You're looking to combine and chill the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Serve the cocktail: Pour the drink, ice and all, into a glass. If you'd like, garnish the cocktail with a fresh mint leaf or a slice of peach. Serve immediately



Feel free to adjust the amounts of each ingredient to suit your tastes better. If you prefer a sweeter drink, add a bit more sugar. Fresh peaches work best for this cocktail, but you can also use canned peaches if fresh ones aren’t available.
Calories: 306kcal | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 32mg | Sodium: 28mg | Potassium: 211mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 17g | Vitamin A: 906IU | Vitamin C: 6mg | Calcium: 25mg | Iron: 1mg
Peaches and Cream Cocktail Recipe
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