3 Simple and Beautiful Printable “To and From” Tags {Easy Download}

Pretty and simple printable to and from tags are an affordable and lovely way to personalize a gift. I’ve created three styles for you to pick from. They include a bee-themed design and two that are just text.

They work for birthdays, holidays, thank-you gifts, or any occasion because they are so simple.

You’ll find a download button below each image. I hope you like them ❤️.

"A set of four printable 'to and from' gift tags laid out on a wooden surface, each featuring a detailed bee illustration above the words 'to' and 'from' in a classic serif font."

I love creating free printable PDFs for you and I hope you like downloading and using them!

Classic Bee Charm Tag

Embrace the elegance of nature with this bee-themed “to and from” tag. It’s perfect for adding a vintage touch to your gifts. The charming bee illustration adds a cute touch to a basic tag.

An assortment of printable 'to and from' tags with a bee motif, set on a rustic wooden background accompanied by a cream ribbon and small white flowers.

Minimalist Script Elegance Tag

Simplicity meets sophistication with this script “to and from” tag. It’s simple and pretty and lets the font shine.

"Printable 'to and from' gift tags with a simple, elegant script font, arranged in three columns on a white background for easy printing.

Whimsical Cursive Tag

This tag features a playful cursive font that adds a touch of whimsy to your gifting. It’s perfect for any gift-giving event that calls for a personal, handwritten appeal.

A digital preview of eight 'to and from' printable gift tags with a whimsical cursive font, displayed in two columns on a white background.

Tips for printing your tags

Follow these handy tips for printing and cutting with ease and precision.

  • Choose the Right Paper. Select a high-quality cardstock that your printer can handle. This will create durable and professional-looking tags. Regular printer paper is too floppy and won’t look right.
  • Use a Paper Cutter: For straight, clean edges, use a paper cutter. If you don’t have one, a ruler and a craft knife can work on a cutting mat.
  • Punching the Hole: Use a standard hole punch to create a clean hole for the ribbon or string. Place the hole punch in the same spot on each tag for uniformity.
  • Cutting Inside the Lines: If your tags have border lines, cut just inside them to avoid leaving any outline on the final product.
  • Storing for Reuse: If you plan to reuse these tags, store them flat in a protective sleeve or envelope to keep them clean and undamaged for the next occasion. This is a good idea if you only need one but want to save the rest of the page for later.

Use these simple, effective tips to create beautifully crafted tags!

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Remember, the smallest details often make the biggest impact. With these printable to-and-from tags, your gifts will stand out. Enjoy!

An assortment of printable 'to and from' tags with a bee motif, set on a rustic wooden background accompanied by a cream ribbon and small white flowers.
3 Simple and Beautiful Printable \

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